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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OH dear!

It is amazing how much you can fall off the band wagon when you don't spend the same kind of time at the internet! Then on top of that add the difficulty of not actually being able to have internet and what do you get...Me NOT blogging!

I do apologize to all of you who have gotten used to my regular posts and sharing of my adventures. I am going to try and get all caught up in a hurry (minus pictures)!

Okay, England...after London we only had a few more days there in the country and we visited some of the more local neat spots. Guildford where I met two of Marks really good friends. Chichester (spelling) to see the cathedral, and another day exploring Midhurst. Yes I have pictures and yes they are nice but if you want to see them you will have to let me know...hehe!

I received my Master's degree (the piece of paper) in November along with my neuroscience completion certificate.

December was busy with packing my apartment and putting it all in a storage unit. I also went to Alberta to visit my parents for 2 weeks at Christmas which was nice. Made lots of cookies!! (ate a few too many too) hehe! While there I hung out with good friends in Calgary and we went to the Banaff hot first time that was pretty cool.

Jan. was pack and leave for the south. We landed in Saint Martin/Maarten and made it over to St. Barths. But ended up having to come back with in 22 days for health reasons (Not mine -- other than waiting for my ankle surgery I'm fine). The south was beautiful, hot sunny and had the Ocean. I had lots of adventures, Sea Kyaking with Mark. Swimming, shopping, biking (let me tell you on those road it is more than just an adventure it is taking your life in your own hands. Mark and I tried to fish a few night BUT nothing would bite. Had some great meals and beautiful restaurants. Was astounded by the price of a tank top (120 Euro) and I won't even mention the white cotton dress (1200 Euro) Beautiful Yes in my closet - not even kind of sort of! hehe! With Mark I also had my very first Rolls Royce ride in a vintage model!! The funniest part was we happened upon it by accident and it ended up only being $5 more than a regular taxi! hehe! Oh another adventure was being buzzed by two airplanes. like 100 feet above my head at tops!

From Feb til now I have been working pretty intensely here in King. I also found out that I did NOT get into Med school and so have applied to UBC and UofC to their accelerated nursing programs! To date I have heard from UofC and I got in!! So now I wait to hear from UBC. I also went down to Miami to visit Mark and everyone else. While there Mark and I went to the Titanic Exhibition at the Miami Science Center and Plantatarium. That was really neat. The plantarium had recreated the night sky as the survivors or Titanic would have seen it! Very neat! I'm on a waiting list for surgery and so they could technically call at any given time point if they don't then my ankle surgery will happen on 6th of July.

Oh I also turned 28. So that was scary! Only two more years tile the big 3-0 and I'm not even done school yet. Oh dear! My life in the fast lane. Since being back I have gotten to see some opera and one play. I plan on seeing the Lord of the Rings play so I'll let you know how that goes.

Good grief this is a long post. I'll finish for now. BUT there is MUCH more to tell. I will fill in more details and maybe even post more pictures IF you are all lucky! hehe!

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