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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hail storm

I am so thankful that the hailstones were this small. They were really pelting my car -- another thing I am thankful for!! It has been pretty crazy weather here.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Garden in the backyard

So I put in a garden...actually I did planted the seeds a while ago. Today I spent a bit of time weeding in the garden. The radishes I planted are thriving!! And my snap peas have just begun to peek through. My Zucchini, green beans, green onions, chives, and basil have yet to make an appearance, BUT I'm hoping. Yes for all of you out there that know something about gardens I'm a little behind, but it is not the seeds fault, I was a bit slow to put it in with school and the other stuff that I do. This is a picture of when I first laid out my garden. Even with the weeding I did today my garden's looks haven't improved much yet so this will have to do. Hopefully I will manage to grow something other than weeds and radishes.

Why you ask? Especially those of you know what my schedule. Well I'll tell you, I can. The garden patch that had been etched out long ago has been ignored for a while and it frankly was breaking my heart. So a $10 hoe a few seeds and hopefully I get a little produce that is truly organic out of it. If not then I'll have some free therapeutic gardening sessions! hehe!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Vulcan Tinman

I DID IT! So Saturday was the big day and not only did I survive BUT I thrived! It was a beautiful sunny day. Nice and hot! I got to Vulcan to find my Mom there waiting for me, which was such a nice treat. I have done lots of Tri's but this is the first one that has been close enough for her to come which was really nice!! The race went well better than I had hoped for. First in the swim I was pretty fast. Actually time in the water was under 10min!! And for added motivation I felt great and lapped the other two simmers in my lane which was fun!! hehe!! Does that make me evil??? I'm just usually the slowest in a lane and to pass someone is pretty over the top!! Unofficially my finish time was around 1hour 18min BUT I'm not sure the breakdown of it. Hopefully they will have the times posted soon. I am happy with the time as it is my first in 2 years and I haven't been training as hard as I could be. Also what makes me even happier is that I was able to complete it AND I didn't have to walk during the run portion of the race. What makes all of this even better it that my ankle is ok. It was a bit sore the evening of the race but today it is fine I even biked to work so Woohoo!! I will post pictures when I get them downloaded as well as the offical times!!! Thanks for all the good wishes!!

Offical Results