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Monday, January 31, 2005

One of the first adventures

A day or two following our arrival Mr. B. was itching to take us (Cameron, Annie, and I) on a "mystery tour" Guided by himself. So we all got loaded into the two golf carts that are the main mode of transportation and headed off. Annie and I in one cart and Cameron and Mr.B in the other. They went zooming off and although we had the pedal to the medal seemed to be going slower and slower and watch as the electricity gauge got lower and lower! Finally we caught up to the boys and told them that we were going to turn around and head home before the thing completely died on us. They very gallantly offered to stay with us and make sure that we got back ok. BUT being the strong independent women we are we poo-pooed them of with assurance that we would be just fine. So off they went to finish the remainder of the mystery tour. Meanwhile back at the golf cart that about 30 seconds later had come to a complete stop Annie and I were searching for a rock larger and heavy enough to hold the gas pedal down as there were still small surges of power every once in a while that made the pushing easier! Finding that rock was a bit difficult as all the "rocks" here are very porous and so very light. Success and we were off the only two white females under 60 in treasure cay were pushing a broken down golf cart through town! We were laughing our heads off. The locals driving by were giving us the strangest looks -- which honestly neither of us really understood. But then the more we were on the island the more I understood there looks. See for them if something breaks they don't think oh I'll fix it -- cause that is WAY too much work. They just simply drop the broken object on the side of some road and wait for it to disappear. So to see two white females (who in this town are associated with being weathy, in this town) must have been quite the odd site. Thankfully the guys returned from their mystery tour to help us push (well Cameron anyways) So we made it back to the house safe and sound. It was only the beginning of the adventures.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

My backyard

Our Beach Posted by Hello

This is my back yard. The water changes color more often than a mood ring! (as you will see in up coming photos

Saturday, January 29, 2005

just off to the right

One house off the screen to the right Posted by Hello

So the street (the main one) is the main street of Treasure Cay. I also run on this road -- no dogs there. Our house is just a few to the right of the edge of the picture -- I didn't know until After we had landed and I showed the picture to Mrs. B. Oh well. As you can see the beach is beautiful and there is quite a bit of jungle and marsh land on the island. Also there is fresh water -- but its drinkable is a bit questionable SO they buy all their water.

Anyways, It is quite early in the morning and although I have only begun to catch up on my adventures I am going to leave you here for now. I promise to have you caught up soon.

I'm here!

Treasure Cay Posted by Hello

So this is where I currently reside. Treasure Cay, one section or the Island of Abaco. That white strip with all the ocean in front of it is my beach that I wake up to every morning. Pretty amazing hun? The average age of the population is over 60. Excluding the help and the locals. Mainly weathy white people from around the world. It is a very unique place. But I am in love with the beach I go for a run on it every other morning. Despite the "she's crazy" looks I get from everyone :P The local "wild dogs" like me though, even though I had some reservations about them at first. We now run together and I've named them "Misters and Mrs" cause I can't tell if they are always the same dogs of not. Some look very simlar and I have one now "Mr.Baddie" who follows me up to the house and tries to get in much the horror of my boss. hehe

Ocean View

First view of the ocean Posted by Hello

WOW!! That's all I have to say. It was quite the view. Although the clouds meant that we could see as much as I would prefer it sure made for a spectacular view.

In-flight movie

Our in-flight movie Posted by Hello

So although we could have chosen any movie that we wanted to watch all of us agreed that we were completely happy with the in-flight progress reports that we were getting. Everything from how fast we were going to where we were, to outside temp...etc was displayed regularly on these screens one in the back and one in the front. I honestly can't think of any other flight I have enjoyed so immensely.


Last view of Toronto Posted by Hello

I guess I got a bit of myself by telling you all about the food. Before I tell you that as I was flying over the city that I have called home for the past 3 years, I got rather nostalgic and I want to let you know that while I'm off adventuring I will miss the snow and cold -- but more importantly all you (both those in TO and those else where) so please keep in touch.

Okay no more blathering...back to the adventure!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Meal time

The appetizer Posted by Hello

So this was the inside of the plane -- not to shabby. Officially it seats 10 people...However the six in the back are three on a couch, of course important to note the two couches can supposedly be converted into a queen sized bed. The seats were leather and could move forward and backward as per your desire and could actually be converted into a lazy boy, not bad. The table that is hidden under the HUGE platter of Cheese (and I'm talking the nicest Brie I have EVER eaten) and fruit was actually -- Dad you'll like this--solid birds eye maple with inlays or wood (I'm not sure which types) and in the center so you didn't have to worry about coasters leather inlays as well. Of course the tables had to match the bird's eye paneling in the rest of the plane. Supposedly the plane they had chartered actually belongs to the owener and founder of Tim Hortons SO that's my claim to fame. For lunch we had steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies and this actually tasted pretty good -- Okay I'll be honest is was the BEST airplane food I've ever had. Oh and cookies for dessert.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day 1

The AirPlane Posted by Hello

So we drive out onto the airplane and this is there waiting for us! We didn't even go in the termainal!! The baggae handlers actually came out and took our luggage from the back of the car and stuffed it into the tail of the plane! All 24 bags!! Man I thought I was travelling heavy with my one extra lagre bag!! They had 18 bags between the two of them! Now granted they had alot of medical equipment and what not, but still I thought that was alot of stuff to be taking!!

There was even a little red carpet -- my first--that was laid out for us. Getting Mr.B up the stairs was a bit of a challenge more so because there were too many people anxious to help!! But we finally did get on board!

(until I figure out how to do more than one picture per blog -- you have to keep going to the next picture to get the rest of the story)