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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hawks Bill Cove

Tonight is the night! It is the last night of mine in the Bahamas. The moon is almost full and is creating a silver pathway on the water. It is beautiful. The plan is to be "on the road" tomorrow morning at 8am. So I'm going to get up early for one last swim in the Bahama's beautiful water.
Hawks Bill is on Stirrup Cay in the Barry Islands. Tomorrow night the moon's beauty will be drowned by the lights of Ft. Lauderdale. BUT Being in FL means civilization which is very exciting. Just imagine phones that work and internet! woohoo!!
Things on the boat are good. Everyone is anxious to get to civilization though. Mr. is doing very well...although travel days are hard on him as he can't do as much with the boat rocking but they are good as well as it give him a chance to catch up on his sleep which is good.
The run today was nice and uneventful. So I don't have much to report!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So now the pictures

We are back in Treasure cay and I took my laptop into town and have been happily surfing the web for the past hour and a bit. Oh the things that you miss. I have downloaded a few pictures of the places I have been while I've been unable to get on the internet so you can all see what I've been up to :P

We are going to be here at Treasure until the end of the week and then we will be off the FL. I really haven't been up to much lately as I am still struggling with a cold. UGH. I'm going to head back to the boat though so that I can monkey around a bit either on the kayak or Mark's wind surfboard...we'll see.

I finally got the FINAL version of the paper into IFESS so that is good. Now I need to start working on the next one!!

Honestly I don't recognize Treasure it is fairly BUSTING with people under 85! It is pretty cool. Maybe tonight we'll come into town for the Tuesday night bonfire...We'll just have to see how things go with Mr. Suposedly there are going to be 7 kids on board this afternoon SO that should be fun...

Enjoy the pictures!

Georgetown, Exumas Posted by Hello

Atlantis Posted by Hello

Bev and I at Atlantis Posted by Hello

Ship broken

Oh dear! So we won't be in Nassau by tonight. Infact we will be happy if we manage to limp to Geargetown, in the Exumas!
Last night we were all watching Radio in the crew mess and the ship was humming along happyily...then something started to sound a bit funny. Within 2 minutes we had ground to a halt. The guys went running to find out what was wrong. The report came back that something was wrong with the starboard engine but that we could still get underway with just on engine and only loss about 1 knot. So off we went again. And things were running smoothly until 6 am when we came to a halt again this time there was something wrong with port engine -- an engineer's and Captain's worst nightmare. We were literally a cork in a big ocean! a drift and a float for about an hour and a half! Thank goodness we were in a flat calm! Now at 9:30am on Monday we have come to a stop again...I'm not sure what is wrong this time but hopefully we will be underway again soon. Our engineer is really good - and I'm not worried about my safety BUT this is making things REALLY tense on board for everyone. I think Martin, the engineer, is ready to blow the boat up! hehe!
Anyways this put's a monkey wrench in everyone's plans. Becky's boyfriend is going to be in Nassau without her and I may not get to do my shopping - not to mention what this will do for the plans for the rest of the trip....I'll keep you all posted.
Try NOT to worry...I am safe, just not going anywhere in a hurry!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

My first Rsgatta

Today swing on the hook off Georgetown in the Exumas I watched a regatta from the aft deck of a MegaYahct...there are so many reason why I never thought that, that sentecne would NEVER come out of my mouth..but it really happened!!
The regatta was pretty funny there was not much wind and so it really required large amount of skill. Which this one team had none of... after picking 4 failing lines the FINALLY got accross the finish line which was right off our stern. We cheered them on. It was fun.
I also swam 10 laps around the boat! woohoo!!
Tomorrow we are off to Nassau ....again hopefully the boat won't break!

Sick on a boat

Nassau second time around was even better. I enjoyed two great days there going for runs, visiting downtown nassau, bargining at the straw market. And then came the night out!
WE all got dress up in epilet shirts (Cameron and I had to borrow) and black pants to accompany Mr. and Mrs. to dinner at the 5 twins resturant in Atlantis. Now for those of you who do not know what an epilet shirt is it is the white button down shirt that comes with stripped epilets (bars) on your shoulder, Very navy. hehe!! What a spectacle we made. Three guys all over 6'2" lead the way followed by three more guys one puching mr. in his wheel chair, followed by four girls and one more guy escorting mrs. All of us in uniform (except for Mr. and Mrs. who were dressed formally)! To put it in the words of one tourist - WOW. We were all kind of self consious about being a bit on parade...but the more I thought about it the more I I am being treated to a meal that was amazing (you don't want to know what the bill came to) and I'm going to be a part of a story for SO many tourists and that is pretty cool. So I revealed in being a spectacle.
Upon returning to the boat I began to feel kind of sick and to make a long story short I lost the next two days fighting terrible cold! Let me just say being sick on land sucks -- but being sick on a boat is even worse!! Oh well I think the worst is over with and we are back in the Abacos (near treasure) so I'm in my old stomping grounds! Their son and his wife and kids are here for the next week and so there is going to be quite the string of parties! FUN!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Turks and Caicos

WEll I actually managed to get ashore! We were delayed down here for two days beacuase of 20 foot swells (not where we were but where we were headed) so we go to get on shore which was good.
So first impression of the island of Provinicales was ugly and dirty! WE came and went via a shipping dock. In oder to get out of the dingy and on shore we actually had to climb pilings. I was filthy! It was so funny - what a welcome to a place. Then we got a taxi and we were off to the town/area of Leward.
It was huge the biggest metroplis that I have seen since leaving TO. They actually had a divided street with two lanes on each side. An IGA, a building supplies store and get this STREET lights!! It was pretty incredible. We were laughing so hard as it show the uninhabited places that we have been on when we get excited about seeing a phone booth!! I was laughing at us!
They had this great market full of lots of neat locally made objects and I bought this great painting from the woman who had painted it. Now mind you it is not a Monet but is really quite the local flavor to it!
My favorite part was a walk on the beach that Mark and I took. It was right as the sun was setting and the waves were crashing on the shore. Vactioning families were taking the last walk of the day...quite pink from the day's sun. Two little blond gilrs were playing hide and go seek behind longe chairs from the nearby hotels. My second impression was that it is an incredible place with lots of neat places to stay and beautiful gardens! Maybe someday I'll come back and actually get to see one of the many iguana's
We are now on our way back to Nassau and will be traveling until tomorrow evening when we dock  - YEAH!!!

Collection of islands

3. HighBourne Cay
Was my own personal aquirium. We did not go ashore here just were "hanging on the hook" which means we were at anchor. The boat has underwater lights that get turned on everynight and tend to attract local ocean inhabitants. I saw my very first ever wild Sea turtle. It was so amazing and it was so close that I could have reached out and touched it!! Very cool. Later we tried our hand at fishing and I actually caught a little plump baby king fish. SO pretty, but we threw him back. It was very fun!
4. Georgetown, Exumas
We made a run for it. A weather report came in saying a front was on its way so we ran for the nearest and most protected anchorage. It was Georgetown in the exumas. That night we saws the storm off in the distance. Lightening and rain and crazy wind. So we were happy to be where we were. We stayed there for 4-5 days. There wasn't much in town. A small place that thrives on the toursits who come in. WE took a taxi to the nearest resort, a four seasons. It was odd because although it was beautiful it was strangely out of place. It didn't match the island at all. Personally I didn't like it that much I would much rather go to Elbow Cay and rent an adorable cottage then go to a stuffy resort like that! Besides it was like $6770 for a suite for one night ... can't really afford that! The night before we left there was another storm that came through and this one hit us. It was one of the more beautiful things that I have seen. Winds were recorded at 63 knots! Which is a little 63 miles/hour (conversion is 1.1xxx).
5. Rum Cay
Population 85 plus one horse! It was this tiny little island. We went ashore to go for a run, Seb and I. Mark Bev and Becky went to go hang out at the beach to swim and find a bar. the run was amazing I got to see the island which was beautiful. And then upon our return to the beach I foud three beautiful conch shells. It was cool. Everyone returned to the bar later that night except Mark, Becky and I. I was working, Becky fell asleep, and Mark was on watch. The funny thing is was that there were 20 people at the bar which workes out to a quater of the population -- pretty funny!
6. MyIguna
Holy huge unknow things in the water! They didn't come out until night but they were huge it sounded like someon was out there swimming. We didn't acutally go ashore. Ilan caught a large (size of a dinner plate) blue fish I tried but had no luck. The stars were amazing I was out on the bow until 1 am mesmerized by the stars! INCREDIBLE. Only the ships light were there to take away from there brilliance.
So now you are caught up! Sorry again for the length of this. Just be glad that I only put in the highlights! hehe
 oh and I forgot one Long Island but I only saw it from a distance so I don't have much to say about that stop :P

Saturday, March 12, 2005

1. Guana Cay and Nassau

A  little island not far from treasure we stopped in here to take Mr. to lunch at a place called Nippers. Mr. and Mrs. wanted everyone to come to lunch with us but Martin had things to do and Captian Bob stayed behind on watch. The rest of us went it! It was Halirous! First the island was really neat and Nippers was a cool place. The beach was stunning and I picked up several more sheels for my collection after lunch. But first back to lunch. We were all in uniform (Mr. and Mrs. excepted) and so when we arrived at Nippers we created quite a stir. Imagine sitting at a beach bar/resturant enjoying some sun and relaxation when out of the corner you see someone in a white golf shirt and Kaki shorts nothing too unsusal but a bit formal considering you are in a swim suit and straw hat. Then you look again and there is not one but 9 people all young fit and fairly attractive bustling around to older people makeing sure that they are happy, comfortable and safe and they are all dress exactly the same!! We created quite the stir. I don't think I have ever come so close to feeling like a movie star! I think everyone was trying to figure out who we worked for!
2. Nassau
Our next stop and in actuality we spent more time on Paradise island as that is where the Marina was. We docked at Hurricane Hole and Atlantis was like a two minute walk away. We were there for a few days and so I go to spend a little time ashore. It is tough though casue when ever Mr. wants to go out both Cam and I have to work even though one of us is technically off...So sometimes it doesn't work out to mean alot of time off. I explored the aquiriums at Atlantis (Huge an Beautiful fish - and when I say HUGE I'm talking like as big or bigger than a typical backyard! - the aquirum not the fish although there was this HUGE Manata Ray it is the biggest thingin water that I have ever looked like it would gladly swallow me whole and not even notice!), went for a run, hung out in the local hangouts and just basically goofed off. I didn't get much of a chance to shop and so upon our retun I hope to get into Nassau to shop a bit -- see what I can find! I guess the higlights of this stop was the dinner that Mr. and Mrs took us too. We went to Huntington Hartford's Home (aka. The Ocean Club) on Paridise island. It was like a fairly tale. Like I'd gone to sleep and worken up as a Bahamian Princess! hehe. I mean it was magical that is the best way to describe it. (I actually worte a bit on it BUT won't include it now...this blog is too long already and I've only done two stops). The second higlight was when Mark, Ilan, Bev and I were in Atlantis late one night and Bev who is also a concert pianst asked a staff memeber if she could play the piano -- WOW is she good. And it was fun cause she taught me a part of a duet and we played it and managed to gather an audience of two (outside of our own party!! hehe it was fun!

Friday, March 11, 2005

This post was suposed to be first BUT...

Well I think I have this figured out. Thanks to a friend who emailed me letting me know that my posting is working so I will now get back into the habbit of writting blogs for your entertainment and information. However I will not be able to post pictures until I get internet access again.
No so this blog is NOT insanely long I'm going to give you a brief break down of the past two weeks. And leave it at that. If I were to put in all the detials this blog would be pages long SO I'll save details for lunches and dinners upon my return. hehe.
So the boat arrive in Treasure and I don't think that Cameron and I could have been more excited! I was expecting a big boat - but she is bigger than I was expecting! and Beautiful!! when you see her sitting in the brillant blue water she just WOW! I boarded her later that night and then I was home (well until May that is). My stateroom/cabin is beautiful! I feel SO lucky! The crew upon first meeting was great and they have only gotten better. I will introduce you to them now so that as I go on you will know who I am talking about!
Captian Bob - The captian of the boat - American
Jason - First Mate - Britsh
Mark - Bosun - British
Martin - Engineer - Brtish
Ilan - Deck hand/Second engineer - South African
Sebistian (Seb) - Chef - French Canadian
Bev - 1st Stewardess - South African
Jane - 2nd Stewardess - British
Becky - 3rd Strewardess - Austrialian
And then Cam and I round the crew out! So there are 11 of us in total!
We have been on the move ever since boarding with a few prolonged stops. So I'm just going to go one at a time.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This is test

Would some one who reads this please email me at my boat email address to let me know if this posts!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I am alive

No worries I am alive and well just minus a fully functioning internet -- for now. Captian Bob is working on the problem so hopefully soon all will be well....however I do not have internet access just email so PLEASE email me at my boat address ... for now

I have been having a wonderful time here cruising through the bahamas I'm going to be here in Gearogetown of the exumas until Thrusday or Friday of this week. So I may make it in to town a few more times to hopefully get everything stragitened out. I'm also going to try and figure out a way to still post on my blog...but I need to work out the details.

I'll catch you all up soon ok??

take care