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Friday, February 18, 2005

From the top

At the top of the Hopetown Lighthouse Posted by Hello

Well this is just a sampling of the pictures af my adventures at hopetown but I think this is all I'll post for now. It was a beautiful quaint little town that has the tiniest little streets and the most adorable little cottages. Besides that the island was only as narrower that 100 yards at most parts. A very unique little berg.

Another example of Island Emergency Services

Firehouse Posted by Hello

This is a continuation of the pictures of the islands version of Emergency services. This building was barely big enough for a golf cart let alone a fire truck...better hope you cottage doesn't catch on fire!

The boating world

hitch hiking Posted by Hello

A view from the inside of the lighthouse

Looking up Posted by Hello

Island number 3

Hopetown Posted by Hello

The Island of Elbow Cay, we took a ferry from Marsh Habour over in order to see Hopetown. It is the proud home of one of the only two remaining functioning lighthouses in the Bahamas. This looks like a postcard hun? This is the skinniest island that I have ever been on. The funniest thing was that the main tourist attraction - the lighthouse is not very accessible you actually have to hitch a ride from a boater to get across and then the same in order to return to the section of the town.

Now this city streets are pedestrian only. No cars OR golf carts allowed and yet the streets are called highways! It is really too funny. Rush hour traffic and accidents only occur when people bump into each other!

We meet this great lady who we kept on running into. She was a great character and full of helpful information! She was the one who told us about the hitchhiking on the boats.

Cameron and I spent the entire day in the sun and as a result are quite a bit browner than before. I even have a tan line on my toe from my to ring! Anyways I had a great time...I hope that you all enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentines!

Beginner Golfer Posted by Hello

First I want to say (before I get any critiques on my form) I'm a beginner -- hehe. What a great day. It started out with a few hole of golf. The people I work for are in with the manager of the golf course and so we just go in the back entrance and play a few holes before we return to the house to get the day started. The course is pretty nice, (my second course I have ever been on) and Cameron and I have fun. My game is pretty much it's usual form, on some holes I shoot beautiful par or one-two over and then there are other holes where I just stop counting strokes!! But I'm going to try and go out every morning so the practice should help!

When we got back the table had valentines goodies for everyone! It was so sweet of Mrs. B. to do that for us. Chocolates, a little bear and a card for Cameron and I. It was a nice and unexpected treat. Then as I had the morning off I went for a kayak, two hours later I returned! My longest Kayak yet. I went out to this small island and then back but on the way back I had to fight the waves and more so the wind! It was pushing me in the wrong right arm is going to be sore tomorrow!! hehe

Then for supper we meet up with several of the B's friends and went to one of the three local restaurants for dinner. They had the place all decked out. It was neat -- all of the servers had red shirts on, typically they wear white. The place was packed and it was fairly neat as for the first time since coming to this island I actually felt at home. There were more locals in the joint then there were retired weathy individuals. Lots of families with the kids, which for the record are the cutest kids...with their braids and bows! It was really neat. And loud!! Everyone knew everyone and people were going from table to table to say hello and steal kisses! It was so neat!

I missed my family and friends but I still had fun! Anyways this is way too long so I'll call it quits for now --


Too Good to Resist

Morning Mist Posted by Hello

See our (Cameron and I) tracks were the first to cut the morning mist that is on is almost like a light layer of snow. SO pretty -- and it shows up best on the greens!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cold Snap

Cold Beach Posted by Hello

So despite the fact that I'm not supposed to complain about the weather. In celebration of the fact that today was actually a nice hot Bahimian day (which turned me to a nice shade of brown) I thought that I would post a picture of our previous beach wear. This picture was actually taken when we went to Green Turtle Cay. It was cold but we were doing our best to enjoy the warm temperatures on your behalf.

Today was fun. I got up with the intention of going on an adventure and so walked into town (25min) in the hopes of catching a ferry to Great Guana Cay...but I didn't realize that you needed to reserve the ferry so there so no ferry for me :( So I rented a biked and pedaled around town and Treasure Cay for 2 hours! It was GREAT fun! Then came back to the house and took the Kayak out. No surfing though Annie is gone and so I was trying to get the feel of the kayak with only one person!

Then later in the afternoon we took Mr. B golfing. Mr. and Mrs. are in with the owners of the golf course here and so "after hours" 4pm we can head over there and he can play...This entails the use of two carts and three able bodied people (could probably do it with only 2 BUT... Four drives (of four balls each later) we were about 50 feet from the green he was done! He is actually quite good. Hits the ball very consistently 75 to 100 yards! Using one arm only and no body action. But her gets tired out from getting in and out of the golf cart...Probably the hardest thing that he has to do. But it was still stunning to see how well he was able to hit that ball. I had to stand directly behind him and be a guardian for him--however I nearly got my head knocked a few times! It was worth it though to see the smile on his face!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Kayak

Sea Kayak Adventure #2 Posted by Hello

So this is her...the s.s. very heavy and slow and tips a lot. Annie and I went out again today. What I riot. We had several successful "surf's" and well...I lost count of how many unsuccessful "surf's." We both took turns at the stern again. I'm getting better at this surfing thing. But it is tough in our waves as there are some wonky currents! Even though it looks like they are breaking even the wave can turn faster than we can turn the s.s. very heavy and slow and tips a lot so twice with me and I think three times with Annie we capsized. I think the funniest one was the last one. I was in the stern and we were like 5 feet from the shore. All of a sudden this wave reared up and broke right behind us. The wave grabbed our rear-end and despite all the leaning and paddling we tried the ocean flipped us one last time for the day. Of course because it had been REALLY rough the day before when we surface and stood (as the water minus the surprise 4 foot wave was only knee deep) we were covered in sand and kelp. WE were laughing our heads off. It got even funnier when I showered later and saw the huge pile of sand and kelp that have been shoved inside my swim suit by the waves! What a riot!

I would have killed to have a picture of that last dump...It would have been priceless. The people we work for, ended up taking us out for dinner which was really nice --made life a whole lot easier for Annie. Over all good day today!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Still not fixed

Under construction Posted by Hello

Just as an example as to how much slower life is here. The hurricanes blew through this island in the fall of 2004. And although this picture was taken in Marsh Habour. This is pretty much the state of things no matter where you go. Most things are far from being fixed and most likely will never be fixed. It is rather stunning to see the amount of damage that is so clearly evident every where you go.

Just for confusion

Trying to get a tan Posted by Hello

So we are going to travel back in time a little bit so I can tell you about my second trip into Marsh Habour. (The first trip was fairly uneventful) The second trip we (Cameron, Annie and I) were dropped off in Marsh Habour and left to our own devises. We walked through town trying to stay warm and looking for adventure. During out first trip we looked eagerly out the windows and thought that there was great potential for adventure, but one week later left we three hours to explore we were doubtful that we would find any. Then I spotted a sign saying Straw market. So we headed down this road...I guess that is what you would call it. It was litter with garbage and rusted out cars! Side note I find it funny that on the pop cans here they have posted "Keep the Bahamas clean, don't litter" when after my short time here I think that instead of putting that message on cans it should be put on cars, fridge's, freezers, TV's and any other major appliance that you can thing of. We found the straw market which turned out to be the front porch of this woman's house. She was great and really knew her trade. The stuff was really neat.
It was very third world. Straw hats and purses made expressly for tourists were her main item. She was the true treasure of the place...more character than most people will dream of.

WE found a little beach hang out for food (where the above picture was taken) it was funny as this American couple who had probably just landed reminded us of ourselves on our first day--bound a determined to enjoy the warm weather. She arrived at the joint an promtly changed into her bikini. I think maybe 15 minutes later she had put her sweater and jean back on! hehe. We were chuckling. While it is Much warmer here than it is at home right now. It has been to chilly for much tanning. The disadvantage of being on an island...very windy (mainly from the north. We were soon laughing at ourselves cause we were just as desperate as the American. Every time the sun came out from under the clouds I rolled up my pants, took of my jacket and rolled up my sleeves in an attempt to tan.

Monday, February 07, 2005

SuperBowl Sunday

So yes I was able to watch the game -- Thankfully--infact Mr. and Mrs. even had a superbowl smash. They invited nine of their friends, all of which were British, over to a feast of Fillet Mignon, Scalloped potatoes, Cesar Salad, and BBQ'd veggies with Flourless chocolate cake with fruit ontop for dessert. The funniest thing was that out of everyone I was the one with the most football knowledge and so I was explaining what everything meant and why certain plays were happening! It was too funny. That is the first time EVER in my life that I have been the football expert at a superbowl!! I am so happy that the Patriots won!!

Also yesterday being Sunday I went for my long run. I went a different route than normal and ended up on this trail. So I decided to get a little trail running in. Before I knew it I had stopped running and was now hiking through the jungle! It was great fun. It is crazy the random junk that I came across that must have been blow in from the hurricane. An oil drum, a single flipper, have full water bottle, what looked like a VERY tattered pair of boxers. Trees were uprooted and the sea wall which I was using as a guide so I wouldn't get lost was crumbling more often than not. It was really quite neat! Eventually I decided that if I were to keep going in the direction I was headed the only way to get back to where I started would be to swim so I turned around and headed back to the road to resume my run. And all of this without getting lost!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Kayaking Adventure

So the kind and wonderful neighbours offered to lend us their sea kayak! So Annie and I eager for adventure got up one morning and drug the kayak down to shore hoped in an off into the sea we headed. Both of us have had some experience in a sea kayak so thankfully there were no technical issues. We headed straight for the biggest surf we could find in the hopes of trying to surf some waves with the kayak. That boat is the most cumbersome thing to get going!!! It is crazy. Of cause it didn't help that the tide was coming in to it was like one paddle forward three waves backwards. And we were also trying to hit the big waves which slowed us down as well. Annie was in the stern (back of the boat) and so was controlling the direction. Finally we reached the big surf (4-6 foot waves) and the attempts at surfing began. At one point Annie was trying to turn us around and didn't quite get turned fast enough and this 6 foot wave broke unexpectedly and I took the brunt of it. How I managed to stay on the boat is still beyond my comprehension! I was sure I was going over board! I wasn't concerned as I had a life jacket on -- but it was a bit chilly and I didn't want to swim. To even though, according to Annie my feet were over my head I did not go over board which was nice! We laughed and laughed. We wanted to stay out a bit longer but had to get back in so Annie could make breakfast! I can hardly wait to take it out again!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Apologies for the lack of People

Quite the blue! Posted by Hello

It has been brought to my attention that some of you are desiring stories of the locals and of the people here and don't want to see pictures of the landscape. So I apologize for another gorgeous picture of the things that I'm seeing and experiencing here (hehe) but you see here on this island it is really the most exciting thing that is around me. I'm in a retirement village and the locals are not used to friendly white people -- it is sadly very segrated here. Not offically, but unofficaly it is the locals are the servants and the workers and everyone else is who they work for -- so it is a bit of a hard barrier to break though -- I'm doing my best! Hopefully people stories will follow soon! :P

The Cove

The cove Posted by Hello

It was this narrow little gap in the shoreline that opened into this beautful little habour -- but no beach just jungle. It was so pretty. Suposedly it was orginally part of a development that never got off the ground. And has been used in the past for drug trafficing. But don't worry there were no signs of any such activity -- while we were there anyways. It was truely quite stunning.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A view from my world

My feet at Green Turtle Beach Club Posted by Hello

So this is my world. Quite a change from the reality that I have long known. Even this I don't really think of as a reality, just a short vacation before I return to the reality of my life. hehe

I'm such a blessed girl!

The Highway

The highway Posted by Hello

So after putsing around in town I think we did about 7 laps of the entire town we decided to head down to the Green Turtle Club Beach as it was protected from the wind and so the plan was to lay in the sun and relax! This is the highway that we had to take to get there. It was SO much fun I actually took a video and we watch it still at the house and giggle. Annie was driving and she was going "flat full" and Cameron's knucles were white from trying to hang on. It was a good thing that the golf cart was a rental. But man did we have a blast!

Top Technology

Local Hospital and Ambulance Posted by Hello

When they tell you that life goes at a slower pace down here they aren't joking. This is the hospital! And out front is the ambulance. NO Joke!!A golf cart with a srien on the top. And we all know how fast these buggies can go...hopefully it is full charged or that your emergency doesn't require a speedy response -- little scary that this is actually their reality!

Really Pretty

Bahamian house Posted by Hello

The local houses were so neat! It was really something else. I took tons of pictures but decided on this one as it is my favorite. The people down here are not afriad of colour I'll tell you that much. The houses are all brillant colours. Not a Dark or neutral hue to be found, you can't help but smile as you walk past the bright pink, yellow and blue houses.

The Rock

Local Jail Posted by Hello

Ye Olde Gaol -- was a huge establishment that didn't even appear to offer any kind of security even when it was at its prime. Wooden doors and steel bars were the only security and it boasted of three cells. They must of had a rush of crime at some point as two additional make shift cells were erected in the back corner of the property that looked like a strong wind (occerance daily, which is the reason for my jacket). It was a neat thing to find though.

The Narrow Streets

The Main Street Posted by Hello

Once on the island we rented a very high class mode of transportation a gas powered golf cart! Compared to the Electric ones we have at home these ones had quite the pep! hehe. No the streets in this town were NOT made for powered modes of transportation at all. Most of the streets (although they were two way streets) were barely wide enough for one golf cart let alone two or heaven forbid (speaking from experience - one cart and a truck-requires very skillful backing up). What a riot we had tooling through the streets of the "town" of New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay. And we found the most adorable little jail.

On the Ferry Posted by Hello

Off to Green Turtle

VIP Lounge Posted by Hello

My first day off it was recomended and a taxi order for us to and from the Ferry to Green Turtle Cay -- another island off about 2-3mils from Abaco. So off we went...pictured here are the VIP waiting areas personal the non-VIP waiting room was much nicer, it actually had walls, but it wasn't the pretty colours that this had. It was quite the windy day and the ferry was rocking and rolling in the habour! I think Cam who hasn't been on a baot much was a little nervous, but once we got out and going he was pleasantly surprised by how smooth she ran!