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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Flying fish

I just got out of the pool and I am quite proud of myself. I was somking fast. I did the first 1000m in 19min 43sec and 18min 77sec! That a total of 38.20min for a 2km swim!!! I still have over a month left beofre my big race too!! Very exciting!

I'm all but settled into my new home too. So If I can get the final copy of my thesis to the boss by friday! I'll be doing awesome. I work this weekend so I'll have time to study for the MCAT and read. So that is good. It will however make my traing a bit more tricky...I'll have to figure out a strategy!

If I'm going to get the final copy of the thesis in I need to get to work!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ocean Reef Pictures (trying to catch up a bit) Posted by Hello

WHAT a MESS Posted by Hello

more piles Posted by Hello

Piles Posted by Hello

Bike on the wall (plus my first chair ($4 find) Posted by Hello

First night in my new home Posted by Hello

My very own tub Posted by Hello

Not quite ready for my to move in Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Home sweet home

I spent my first night in my new place last night. It is a complete and total mess BUT It is mine and slowly it is looking like I live there. There is quite the collection of piles BUT Mom you'll be happy to know that I did make my bed this am despite the fact that the rest of my place looks like tornado went though. I'm taking pictures and if I even manage to finish catching up with my trip pictures I'll post picture of my new place (the neat and finished version) :P

I love how close it is to my office and the downtown core. I am with in a short bike ride to everything!! I was smiling like a fool as I rode to work looking at my watch and seeing that even at the fastest I ever made it from my old place that I made it to the office this morning in 1/4 of the time!! and I went out of my way in order to get my bike!! WooHoo!

So now reality truly beings Back to long office hours interrupted by long training hours and brief insets of social activities! I've decided to keep this blog going even though I won't have as many exciting stories to tell. I've kind of gotten in to a habit so -- beside you never know what adventure may be lying in wait around a corner in you path!

Friday, May 13, 2005

New pictures posts

I'm still trying to catch up. So all the pictures I just posted were from Key west which was our Third stop in the US inbetween Fort Lauderdale we did stop in Ocean reef But I just remembered that SO those will be the next bunch of pictures that I post (sorry for the time jump - I'll try not to let it happen again)

Trouble (Jane, Cameron, Becky - the one in trouble, Seb, Mark, Jason) Posted by Hello

Again more Pirates (Cameron, Seb - with the knife, Jane, Ilan, Mark, Me, Jason, Ilan) Posted by Hello

Pirates aboard the boat (Becky, Jane, Ilan) Posted by Hello

One of Hemmingways 49 cats Posted by Hello

Hemmingways study Posted by Hello

Hemingway's house Posted by Hello

At the end of the Road Posted by Hello

Key West Light house Posted by Hello

Fort Lauderdale Sunset Posted by Hello

I have a home

Well it is offical I have a new home. It is close to work close to the water and in an area that they are redevloping! There is some really nice places that I am really looking forward to exploring! It should be an adventure - but then again what isn't :P

I am excited about setting up a home again! My new place is actually going to have a kitchen sink!! Which is exciting. Also the entire place is being renovated new ceramic tile, new tile in the bathroom, new sink, new window, new stove, fridge moen hardware - all in all pretty exciting stuff!! I have a mattress for my bed now all I'm waiting for is the okay to move in and the keys to my new place! And then let the unpacking and decorating begin!

I had my first full day back at work today. And it wasn't even a full day. As I spent a good part of the day talking and sharing my trip with those people that were in the office. Tomorrow will be different as there will probably be NO one in the office. I'm actually kicking myself for not bringing my work to my friends house so that I could work from here! BUT I'll probably get more done if I go into the office. I just have to decide how to get in to the office. I don't want to drive BUT I have to take my computer with me will all work out.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Reality Hits Hard

Okay so I'm back in TO and so will most likely get back into a regular routine with the blog. I'll post pictures from the last two and a bit weeks when I have more energy.

I got up this am NOT being on the boat. I really miss the rocking. I didn't sleep nearly as deep as I did on the boat. Oh well. Went for a run this am 37min but did three hill repeats. I nearly puked as it was the first time I've really run a hill in a long time!! The only "hills" that I got (with the exception of Nassau which hard short steep hills) were bridges. It was great. Then I went home shopping UGH!! What a job. But I have at least one place that I'm sort of considering so that is good. I called a bunch more places and I have an appointment with a rental office tomorrow so that is good. So maybe by the end of the week.

I did however manage to get a cell phone so I am now able to be contacted which is exciting! It is kind of weird though after not having a phone for four months! I'll sell the old one on ebay. Hopefully get a little bit out of it.

Tomorrow will be busy and I have to attend my first lecture in a long time! But I'm excited as I'll get to see some friends I haven't seen in a really long time.