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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Garden in the backyard

So I put in a garden...actually I did planted the seeds a while ago. Today I spent a bit of time weeding in the garden. The radishes I planted are thriving!! And my snap peas have just begun to peek through. My Zucchini, green beans, green onions, chives, and basil have yet to make an appearance, BUT I'm hoping. Yes for all of you out there that know something about gardens I'm a little behind, but it is not the seeds fault, I was a bit slow to put it in with school and the other stuff that I do. This is a picture of when I first laid out my garden. Even with the weeding I did today my garden's looks haven't improved much yet so this will have to do. Hopefully I will manage to grow something other than weeds and radishes.

Why you ask? Especially those of you know what my schedule. Well I'll tell you, I can. The garden patch that had been etched out long ago has been ignored for a while and it frankly was breaking my heart. So a $10 hoe a few seeds and hopefully I get a little produce that is truly organic out of it. If not then I'll have some free therapeutic gardening sessions! hehe!

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Molly said...

Keep up the good work.