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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The new place

Yup as you have found out from my email I am in England! I have a visa, a job, and a new place. It isn't huge but it is warm and safe what more can a girl ask for. I am slowly finding my way around but I have so much to learn! hehe! the new job is going REALLY great and starting next week I'm no longer supernumerary ONE of the numbers!! hehe! I'm excited and to be honest a little nervous. BUT the staff have been SO supportive and helpful I know I'll be ok. I still have lots of training that I'll be attending and I have two mentor who I'll be working with for 80% of my shifts so I won't REALLY be on my own! Phew! Anyways this is just a short one I just wanted to sahre photos of my new place. More to come...

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