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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Unoffical word

Well I just got back from the Doc's he says not to bother wearing the cast for now...but to hang on to it as he is pretty sure that the only way to fix my ankle is (drum roll please) SURGERY! Fun fun fun! I still haven't manged to get my appointment with the srugeon moved up yet, fingers crossed though! I think that I will try and talk to his recsptionist again.

So yesterday I went up to the gym that I used to work at and had a massage...SO nice it has been way too long! I'm going to go again next week as I'm trying to get my back that I tweaked a bit back to its normal self. ARGH one more thing. But as I was up a fariveiw I went and picked up pounds for my trip to England!! So I starting to pack my wallet, passport and money and the free walking guide map! I'm SO excited!

You know, I have been without a TV since May when I returned to Toronto. And you know what it is kind of sad how out of it I feel with out a show that I watched to talk about. I have no clue what is on TV and what happened in the newest show. But I don't feel that my life is any less valuable...if anything I am writting letters (yes you know those things that used to come to your mail box), reading, I have rediscovered radio, and am learning to clean my house on a regular basis which is pretty exciting. It is crazy how much time that box sucks out of our lives!

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