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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


London was amazing!! Mark knew a free place to park!! Then we got on the tube and the adventure began! We came back to the surface at Piccadilly circus!! Talk about incredible!! I didn't really know where to look or what to think! The statue of Eros the big signs and the traffic! I though Toronto was bad. From picadilly we walked to "Lester" (I don't know the proper way to spell it) and had lunch. Sandwiches that we had made at his parents house! It was great!! People were wandering around the square where all the premiers happen it was pretty cool! From there we went to Covent Garden where there we lots of living statues and street performers NOT to mention all the neat things for sale.This guy was my favorite!! He was scary all the passerbys!! It was So funny to watch!! From there we walked through the Admiralty Arch down the mall where SO many princes and princess have paraded to the Buckingham palace! It was amazing. The sky was dramatic and the Union jacks lined both sides of the mall. It was incredible. Behind me off in the distance was the London Eye, the parliment buildings and further adventures!!
From there we walked through a "royal park" I think it was regent park, but I'm not sure! It was filled with the largest variety of birds that I have ever seen. I saw a "stork" (white pelican), a black swan and lots of other odd birds. There was this one that had leaf feet!! It was SO funny looking!! Then we went to the horse palace! Where a horse guard decided that my vest and scarf would make a GREAT lunch! It was SO funny!!
From there we walked down a street (not sure the name of it) BUT went by Downing Street! That was neat and then lots of other monuments!! It emptied out on a corner that housed the parilment building (and big ben), westminister abby, the statue of Winston Churchill and the London eye! I was stunned. I could barely move!! I mean it was stunning. The sun we peaking through the most dramitic cloulds and I was there listening to the voice of Big Ben!! I was blown away as we sat on a bench on the other side of the Thames under the shadow of Big Ben and watched the world go by! I felt like I was in a dream!

From there we took the Tube to Tower hill where I saw the London tower...incredible and the tower bridge!! I can't even begin to tell you how stunned I was I think I took 25 picture of big ben and the tower bridge (not together) BUT both individually. At least!! Probably more! hehe!!
From there we walked along the river bank of the Thames! The sun was setting and the electric lights were twinkling all along the bank of the river street artists were climbing out of their costumes! And it was getting dark. We walked at the way past the replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship. To the replica of Shakespeare's Globe. As we walked it was SO easy to imagine the easy pickings that nasty guys would have had before the "lighting" of the city! There are tons of hiding places!! But I felt nice a safe with the light on and Mark by my side! We stopped in an Imax theather but nothing that great was showing so via the tube we returned to covent garden were we watched a little bit more of street preformances. It was awesome and I didn't want the day to end. BUT I was exhausted! I could barely hold my eyes open AND my legs were killing me!! So we took the tube back to where the car was. I was starving!! So we stopped and got REAL English fish and chips!! YUMMY!! Waht a day! I still can't believe that it wasn't a dream!! I got to see and experience SO many things in a single day!!

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