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Friday, November 18, 2005

A "Day off"

Well...first it has been brought to my attention that I actually got one of the town messed up...THE town that had the neat monument was NOT Woking it was actually Cocking...I plead jet lag and forgiveness (hehe). Well after being all over the south of England over the past two days I was exhausted and so was easyily convinced that I should take a day off...SO instead of having poor patient Mark dirve me all over the UK I was content to spend the day in Midhurst...

So we headed into town and spent the morning wandering around I went inside the above church and in several shops...It was quite neat...Then after lunch we decided that we would go for a bike ride...Unfortunaly of no ones mistake we ended up locked out of the house and with one of the bikes was pretty funny. Thankfully it was not too cold out and Mark's mom returned shortly then we were off. We biked through a path by the river...and to the ruins.

The Cowdry Mansion ruins was amazing...we ended up crawling over a broken down piece of fence and exploered inside of it...It was amazing. Each stone had a story and you could almost smell the fires that would have been burning in the fireplaces to give heat and light to the inhabitants!

It was neat to see the places where there used to be floors AND brickwork that used to be the foundation for reliefs...I mean It is incredible to think that those people left such a obvious and beautiful mark on our world for furture generations to enjoy....I wonder what people in 400 years will think of our ruins?? Anyways it was a nice relaxing day...Still in honesty pretty exciting for me...but at least I did rest up a bit...before I would set out the next day to (drum rool please - LONDON).

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Beautiful photoes and good work