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Friday, July 21, 2006


Surgery! What a huge effort. Thankfully I have the best Mom ever and she flew out to Toronto to take care of me. If it wouldn't have been for her I would have ended up living in the bathroom in the tub and would have lost ALOT of weight from lack of food. Thanks mom.
The surgery itself went really well and post surgery I felt fine thanks to The Dr. Shooting my ankle full of novocaine. So I walked around on it and had an awfully bloody mess In the pictures above. All the above were taken with in the first week following surgery.
It was a long six weeks sentenced to life on the couch. I read a lot of books (some of which I have reviewed on my other page), watched TV and did six yes six Shakiko embroideries. I believe my book tally got up to 12 in six weeks. hehe!! Thankfully Tom and Della (the neighbor's) took pity on me and shuttled me to the grocery store when I ran out of milk and other things that I needed. And I had friends that took pity on me and took me out in public and put up with my SUPER slow walking and the complaining about the pain. Thanks to Mark for hours on the phone, For Mom for calling me twice a day just so I had some one to talk to. You all made those hard six of a lot of naps, books, and needles pass rather successfully.
The ankle is coming along rather nicely. I had a moment yesterday that was pretty amazing. I went out in public for dinner without my brace and with matching shoes. It was very exciting. I'm allowed to swim and bike without my brace. But only bike on a stationary bike. But that is better than nothing. I go back for a hopefully final visit with my surgeon and hopefully he will clear me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girly, I miss you and hope that you are doing well crossing the country. Crazy pics of your ankle. Hope you are back up to par before school starts in the fall