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Friday, September 08, 2006

Stage 1

I hit the road around 12pm after receiving the go ahead from my doctor! So me and my car and what ever possession I hadn't sent on ahead, left Toronto. It was a bit weird know that I wasn't on a there and back again trip but the reality of the fact that I was moving to another city hadn't hit me...Yet.

The road was pretty uneventful all the way to Chatham, there I met up with life long friend Christine. After a quick stop for hotdogs for our planned cookout. I followed her to her house which was about an hour away (but only a half hour from the US border). Then the five of us, her husband and two dogs, spent the evening outside cooking and eating! It was great. I think Christine and I ended staying awake until 2am getting caught up. I really wish I could have spent more time with her...but that was the same everywhere I went! So regardless of wishes, I got up in the morning with her and we went separate ways at the highway, she to work and me on to Chicago. The windy city.

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