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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Difference!

Yesterday was my first day in the new Children's hospital. Wow. It is pretty amazing, it is one of the few hospitals that I have walked into and felt like healing can occur here. It is clean, bright, friendly, colourful, kid friendly, and did I mention clean? It is everything they say it is. Therapeutic clowns wander the hallways trying to help sick kids smile. The pt rooms are pretty much all private and there a kid resources every where you look, toys, videos, DVDs, games (including videos). In every pt. room there is a window bed which fit an adult to make it possible, in fact it is encourage for a parent to stay with the child during their stay. It is an incredible feat and I am pretty excited about having the opportunity to get to work there. You really don't realize the unfortunate state of a lot of hospitals until you get to walk into a brand new one. This hospital tries its VERY best to help a child and family through a illness experience, by facilitating WHOLE healing! Now if only we could create a similar environment for adults!

Alberta Children's Hospital

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Sara Mincy said...

Hi Rosalyn! It is nice to see what you are up to (this is Sara (Fosmark) Mincy).

That hospital sounds so great. We had to take our son to a hospital on several occasions...and it was not that nice- but they were trying. The clowns sound cute!