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Monday, December 17, 2007

Life gets in the way

Oh dear. Has it really been since July that I posted? I am terrible. School and life have been keeping my sufficiently distracted. I apologize to all you faithful readers out there! But now school is done for a term and the next classes don't look TO terrible so I am once again hopping on the Blogging band wagon!

I am currently working (probably a little to much) in an effort help pay for my upcoming trip to Australia. Yes you read that right. For all of you who don't already know I am off to the wonderful word of Oz in Feb. My flight leaves on Feb the 5th and I couldn't be more excited if I tried!! I will be down in the the land "down under" until the end of April at which time I will head off to New Zealand for two weeks, returning to Canada mid may.

I know it sounds terribly luxurious! However, I am going for school purposes. I will be completing my final clinical practicum in the emergency department at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney! So I will be "working". But you are right in thinking it is also a bit of a vacation as the hospital I'll be in is only a city block and a half away from the ocean! WooHoo. So if you need me I'll be on the beach..."studying". I will be going with a friend from nursing who is doing the same thing as I am SO that will make it even more fun! Then for the last 4 weeks another nursing friend is going to join us and there we are going to drive up the east coast of Aus before heading to NZ. Woohoo!!

But before I get to leave I have BUNCHES of shifts to work and two more courses in Jan to complete.

Also exciting is the fact that I will soon be able to practice as an undergrad nurse! I am currently in training and as soon as my marks for the courses I just completed are posted I will actually begin to practice. I am VERY excited and a bit nervous about this as it means that I'm actually going to have to put into practice all the knowledge that I have been stuffing in my head! Yikes! But the unit I plan on starting on is very supportive and has a good mentorship program in place SO I'm hoping I'll be fine. ---At least everyone says I'll be fine hehe!

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