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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting to the land Down Under

Flight over mountains (there are better pitcures) hehe
My flight had a purposely planned stop in LA. What I wasn't expecting was to through my great friend Eve get to meet new friends while simulataniously exploring LA. I had a pretty amazing 24 hours. Thanks to Dung (pronounced Yung-with a soft "g"), Sarah, and Andrew for showing me LA as well as putting up with me. You guys are amazing!
First I had to arrange for my baggage to stay in the airport. So after a chat with a VERY kind information booth lady who lent me her phone I arranged to have a guy named Pedro in a white van pick up my bag. hehe!! It seemed a bit sketchy, but with a quick prayer and a surrender of my material goods I hoped I would see my bag again. I hopped on the Flyaway to Westwood.

LA Airport
The first night was pretty relaxed Dugn, Andrew and I headed to Santa Monica Blvd. for a wander about and some half price Sushi!! Very yummy!! I loved being in a hummideifed warm climate again!!! Not to mention warm despite the locals who were dressed in Parkas and wooly boots (NO LIE!). Soon it was time for bed (after a good get to know you chat with Dung.

Santa Monica Blvd. at night
The next morning Sarah (Dung's roomate) who is also a nurse aggreed to wander the town with me. Afeter a bit of a walk down to Santa Monica Blvd (at least 45 min) we caught the bus and for 1.25 we were wisked to Vine were we walked another 30 min to Hollywood.
Grauman Chinese Theatre
There I saw lots of "stars" from Elvis to Shrek! Even super man made an apperance!! I made the photo stop and the various theaters (kodak and Grauman) plus did an exbit of "REAL" oscars!! That exbit summed up the LA experience. Advertised as REAL I think the ratio of real to fake was 5:27 SO funny.

My REAL Oscar! (Well real for LA)
Our (Sarah and I) Oscar for best and fasted tour of LA. Saw three main areas in LA not too bad for under 24 hours! Oh and I can't forget the Hollywood sign.

I think the Photo speaks for itself! (the Hollywood sign in case you can't figure itout)
Venice Beach Sunset (I paid extra for the helicopter to be in the photo)
Then we re-walked all the distance to get Sarah's car to pick up Dung and head to Venice. WE tried to have Andrew join us but the traffic was to much of a gamble if I was going to make it to the airport on time. After a sunset walk on Venice beach the three of us enjoyed a beautiful dinner and C&O's.
Dinner at C&O's
Once again I thank you both for sahring that time with me. and for helping me in my tour of LA! Then it was back to the airpot where the faithful Pedro in the white van showed up with my bag!! It was an amazing start to what is turning out to be an amazing adventure!

LAX at night from a moving car (hehe)

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