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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bonfire night, A Hockey Game, and Christmas Lights

While Mark has taken me on more than three dates since coming to England these are my a few that stick out in mind and also that I took pictures of (since some of our dates have included things like grocery shopping...not all that glamorous of a photo op...hehe). I hope that you enjoy them. I know I enjoyed the dates!

Bonfire Night. In England Halloween is just for the kids and not really anywhere near the commerical circus that it is in Canada. Instead they have Bonfire night which is a night where you light a big bonfire, watch it burn and then watch a firework display. It has roots back to Guy Fawkes and is actually on Nov 5th but to be honest bonfire night celebration go on for about 2-3 weeks and everynight fireworks can be seen and heard. So the one that Mark took me to was on Oct 31 and had a large fair/exhibition rides. It was pretty spectacular!A Hockey Game

How funny is this I went from being in Calgary with the Calgary Flames to going to a a Guildford Flames Game in Guildford (where Mark Lives). Mark wanted to treat me an try and help me celebrate my Canadian-ness. He is being awesome about helping me keep my Canadian spirit loud and proud!

Christmas lights in London
Well it was a typical winter day in London Raining but Mark and I headed out to see the lights on Oxford and Regent Streets. As well as Leister, Trafalager Square and Covent Garden. It was quite wet but not that cold so it was a fun evening.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics!! Love them...keep them coming! I am so glad that you are Mark are getting to spend much needed time together!!!

Joshua said...

Looks like fun, this is the first time I've looked at your blog in a while.