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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First High Tea

 One of our lovely wedding presents we got from great friends was an afternoon Tea at "The Bailiffscourt". For those of you who are not in the UK it is a part of the Historic Sussex Hotels. So after getting our good news from the Dr's we decided that we would celebrate, by heading to Climping for our treat. It was a beautiful day. Chilly but clear blue skies. We'd spent the day working out way down from Midhurst, stopping for a brief wander round the shops just for fun. Then we headed for the hotel. Ancient building bathed in a beautiful sunset by the sea. What more could you ask for. We headed in to the main hotel and found a place by a wood burner. A serve came by we placed our order. Soon a three tiered plate rack came loaded with lovely treats. Accompanied by tea for me and hot chocolate for Mark. Smoked salmon, ham and cheese, with egg salad finger sandwiches for savory treats. Sweet treats were numerous lemon tart, chocolate cake, raisin loaf, eclair's, a mouse, and then two scones with strawberry preserves and clotted cream. I'm somewhat proud and yet ashamed to say we ate it all! So much for the diet. So yummy! We sat their for over two hours enjoying the treats, the fire and the people watching! It was such fun! Thank you so much to the friends who gave us this treat we truly enjoyed ourselves! For the picture you can tell how much we enjoyed our selves!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely time!!! Glad you are finally able to be out and about enjoying things again! I hope that you continue to do better :)

Love ya!