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Friday, April 08, 2005

My Birthday!

So I'm another year older...(as of two days ago) I tried to post this earier BUT my internet connection dropped just as I was publishing and so my blog got eaten my the internet. So now I have to try and rememeber what I said!

First though I want to thank everyone for their well wishes it was greatly appreciated, you helped to make this birthday spectacular!

First let me say that I highly recomend spending your birthday on a private yacht with an amazing crew who have all become GREAT friends! They started out by decorating the crew mess with birthday banners and such! Then I had a cake at lunch with gifts (unexpected) and ended the whole day by having dinner with Mr. and two of his friends which meant an amazing meal (I wrote this much better the first time -- oh well). A very incredible bithday.

WE are now in Key West. And I have been having an incredible time here. But first I need to tell you about the afternoon I got to be an assistant deck hand...

So on the boat everyone has their jobs mine is working with Mr. Which is fine. But on my time off...when I'm taking a break from my school work I like to hang out on the bow and inevitably the guys are out there working way on this or that. And even though I have done (or will do) my work for the day I often feel lazy laying their reading or soaking up some sun. So I always bug them to let me help -- and they flatly refuse. Well I don't know if why but the other day when we were coming in to Key west they finally gave in! Man did I pick the wrong day to be an assistant deck hand. First I helped with the anchoring. Then I helped wash down the boat. About the time that we finished with that the fire alarm went off (not a drill) SO I had to help evacuate Mr. and wait to see what the problem was (Turns out just a faulty sensor). Once that was done we were all looking forward to eating supper when we get the owrd that we are NOT anchoring outside Key WEst but are going to dock. SO I help get all the fenders and lines out for docking and help with the anchor. As we head in Captian decides that instead of trying to turn her in the wicked wind and risk running her into the dock we will park port side to dock instead of starboard side (Important as the elevator platform is on the starboard side and that is the easiest way to get Mr. off. So we have to switch all the fenders and lines over AND then go through the docking process. I was sweaty and tired but man was it fun!

Key west has been fun! I've biked around the entire island, see the lighthouse, been to the more sourtrn tip of USA, and seen Hemmingways house and I still have one more day to go!! (I'll post the picture later).

Tonight was fun I took Mr. out on the town. I wheeled him up and down the streets and we poped in to a few stores. He was tired but had ALOT of fun so it was totally worth it! The funniest thing is being at a "public dock" the questions that you get are pretty amuzing. But it makes me feel a bit like a goldfish! I like the Marina's better! It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many questions that you can't answer for the sake of privacy! Some questions are downright funny. A guy in the street stopped me today (I was in my uniform) and asked if our boat was a dinner cruise vessel and how did he book it! When I told him no it was private and not available he still asked for a card (which I don't have and wouldn't give him anyways) so he vould make a reservation! It was fuuny! The life of a superstar!

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