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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Been a long time

So for the first time since leaving the Bahama's I went on a sea kayaking adventure! We left at 9am and did not return until 3pm. (Don't worry I took a lunch and PLENTY of sunscreen and water). There are suposedly alot of mangorves that you can explore around here...but we had no idea where they were or how far they were so we just went exploring! We found plently!

The first thing that we found was the scumy Island that was full of remants of parties...It wasn't very pretty so we left. The next stop was a larger Island there were quite a few mangorves and on closer examination I found this little pathway that lead through the mangroves. So without a second thought in I went. I distrubed a water snake - that thankfully turned and went to opposite way continuing on it opened up into this large little lagoon that was maybe at its deepest 8 inches deep. But that was as far as the pathway went! Our final find was this parkbench that was in the water off this little beach which we had lunch was a great day!

I guess I should also let you all know that we are still in Key West...and will be here until Friday Sat and then I'm not sure where we will head...the ever changing life of a "yachtie" (want-to-be)!

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