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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Meet Miami - ami

What a city. So cool. I think I took like 245 pictures in the day and a half I was there! I stayed in a hotel on Ocean Drive, went for a run on South Beach beach, shopped on Lincon Ave, perused shops on Espanola way, visited the Wolfsonian, saw a demonstration of "hip-hop/break dancing", went to the Delano, had breakfast at the "News cafe", had a salad large enough to feed a small country, went for a helicopter tour of the city, saw the Venitan Pool and the Bitmore Hotel. I don't think we could have fit more in! This of course doesn't count all the random wandering that we did!  What a city.
To save you reading about ALL of those things that I did I'll pick the top three and describe them to you otherwise you'd be reading an entire book.
Run on South Beach:
Started at 7am -- man was it HOT! It was so neat just to be amoung all the people that were on the beach at that time in the morning all of which were doing some form of exercise even the little old man who asked if I was a star for the bodyguard that I had with me (Mark is an imposing 6'5" and had dark sunglass on -- he actually is mistaken for a body guard ALOT).  I saw so many characters it was highly amusing!! We ran for about 3miles...very fun!
The Delano:
Stunning...unique unlike anything that I have ever seen! Forty foot ceilings with dark coloured walls (the colour varied from "room" to "room") with white linen pannels that fell from the ceiling to the floor. The opening of the doors pushed them around. These pannels seperated out "rooms" and no two rooms were the same different stlyes colours and type ofr funiture. It was unlike anything I had ever seen! And this is the Lobby of a hotel. If you go out the back door into the garden you come accross the oddest collection of places to hang out. From a Hamock to a LARGE Chessboard (the pieces were at least a foot high) to random labber leaned up against a tree to a table and two chairs in a pool! Pretty neat!
The Helicopter tour.
Okay so it was a little scary especially considering it didn't turnover on the first try! But I was expecting it to be a lot more unstable that it was. It was incredible! To see that much from the air!! It was fun too getting to see all of Miami that way! WE got to see alot of stuff that you can't see unless you do an air tour - Puff Daddy, J Lo, Enrique's, and madonna's house! It was neat. We also went over to Key Biscane and there was a wind surfer and due to Mark's excitement (he windsurf's) the pilot did a little dive and nearly buzzed the poor guy! It was SO much fun! I wanted him to do it again and again! WE also so a field of sting rays swimming along it was neat!
So that was a nutshell!

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