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Friday, May 13, 2005

I have a home

Well it is offical I have a new home. It is close to work close to the water and in an area that they are redevloping! There is some really nice places that I am really looking forward to exploring! It should be an adventure - but then again what isn't :P

I am excited about setting up a home again! My new place is actually going to have a kitchen sink!! Which is exciting. Also the entire place is being renovated new ceramic tile, new tile in the bathroom, new sink, new window, new stove, fridge moen hardware - all in all pretty exciting stuff!! I have a mattress for my bed now all I'm waiting for is the okay to move in and the keys to my new place! And then let the unpacking and decorating begin!

I had my first full day back at work today. And it wasn't even a full day. As I spent a good part of the day talking and sharing my trip with those people that were in the office. Tomorrow will be different as there will probably be NO one in the office. I'm actually kicking myself for not bringing my work to my friends house so that I could work from here! BUT I'll probably get more done if I go into the office. I just have to decide how to get in to the office. I don't want to drive BUT I have to take my computer with me will all work out.

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