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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Home sweet home

I spent my first night in my new place last night. It is a complete and total mess BUT It is mine and slowly it is looking like I live there. There is quite the collection of piles BUT Mom you'll be happy to know that I did make my bed this am despite the fact that the rest of my place looks like tornado went though. I'm taking pictures and if I even manage to finish catching up with my trip pictures I'll post picture of my new place (the neat and finished version) :P

I love how close it is to my office and the downtown core. I am with in a short bike ride to everything!! I was smiling like a fool as I rode to work looking at my watch and seeing that even at the fastest I ever made it from my old place that I made it to the office this morning in 1/4 of the time!! and I went out of my way in order to get my bike!! WooHoo!

So now reality truly beings Back to long office hours interrupted by long training hours and brief insets of social activities! I've decided to keep this blog going even though I won't have as many exciting stories to tell. I've kind of gotten in to a habit so -- beside you never know what adventure may be lying in wait around a corner in you path!

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