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Friday, September 08, 2006

Stage 2

Traffic on the bridge was unbelievable it took like an hour to get across the border and the border guards seemed more interested in my motivation for going to school in Calgary than anything I might have smuggled in. It was kind of funny! After the bridge it was smooth sailing UNTIL I hit Gary, Indianna!! From there until I managed to park my car in downtown Chicago I sat in traffic. It was insane they had ripped the road all to shreds and it was down to a single lane going into Chicago. Talk about fun!! But regardless I made it. And WAY ahead of schedule SO I took myself on a walking unguided tour of the city. I had been there before, but never on my own. I had a blast ! I rode the elevator up the Sears Tower. Looked out all the windows and picked a few things from that viewpoint which I thought I would like to try and find without a map or guide. And I did it!!! I didn't even get a little bit lost! On the way to the first stop which I later found out was the Buckingham Fountain I found this red metal sculpture that is supposedly famous but I know nothing about...But it was REALLY neat. The fountain was amazing!! I had driven by it but never actually stop to admire it before. It really is huge!! Then I got the call from my sister and her husband that they were in the city and parked SO after a few calls and me figuring out where I actually was in the city we figured out that we could met at the huge silver bean (I dubbed "the magic bean") in millennium Park. I don't know if any have you have ever been there, BUT if you haven't and you are in the city you should go. Some really neat architecture that is really more art than anything else. It was incredible...And the "magic bean" I took 15 pictures of the bean alone!! Yes I like my digital camera.
So after meeting up with my sister and her husband we actually went back to the Buckingham fountain as they had never seen it and then wandered around trying to find a "local dive" in which to eat. We needed something that would be fast as it was getting close to curtain time but we didn't want to have subway as you can have that anywhere. So we kept looking and although we got a bit distracted for a jewelry purchase (hehe) I spotted an awning that looked promising. Sure enough it was a self proclaimed local dive "Potbellies" So we decided to give it a try. Not only was it cheap...3 subs and 3 pops for $14.00 not to shabby it was REALLY good to!! And then we headed for the Oriental Theatre.

Wicked was well Wicked!! hehe! I really enjoyed it. They tied up some of the loose ends that the book left a bit open ended but that made it a nice story for stage without the added complications in the book!! I also thought they did a great job with the costumes!! And the seats, although scattered, were good. So it was a great night in the windy city. Now mind you we didn't get back to my sisters house until I think 3am hehe. BUT it was worth every minute of it. And this was just my second day on the road. And I already had a ton of pictures...I hadn't even got to the part that I had never been to before. All I knew is that this was shaping up to be a GREAT trip!!

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Anonymous said...

It is about time you got on here and told all of us who were not part of your treck across the country exactly what happened :o) Love you and glad to hear that you are doing well in Calgary :o)