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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Settling in

Today I went for my first run in Central London. It was rather surreal. I ran across London bridge, down past the gerkin, Along the river Thames, by the tower of London, across the Tower bridge, past the HMS Belfast and Sir Frances Drake boat back to the new flat. It was so weird as I wove my way through a combination of commuters and tourists thinking all the while to my self that I am no longer a tourist! hehe! So funny.

I'm now in the middle of my nursing induction at Guys and St Thomas' or as it is referred to as GSTT (for all future references). It is a mixture between boredom and interesting facts. I think that the fact that I only recently went through a VERY similar induction at Mayday makes it that much harder for me to sit still. The Flat here is pretty much the same as the last not sure that I'll post pictures as there really isn't that much that is different! I look out my window to a TREE (Which as central London goes is a pretty FABULOUS view!) further in the background I can see the tower of Guysand off to one coner the skeleton of the new "Shard" building! Which means my continual backgound noise is a combination of seagulls, piegons, and construction noise. My one newphew would be VERY pleased that I still have a "Lofty" out my window...the highlight of visiting my condo in Calgary! hehe!!

Anyways maybe next week I'll get brave and take a few photos of the views near my new workplace and my new flat.... we will see.

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Anonymous said...

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