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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!

A new year.... Everyone has new resolutions.... What are yours??? New blog? New workout? New diet? New habits?

Not me!!! hehe I am breaking the trend! I am going to pick up some old habits! I am resolving to pick up blogging again...keeping photos up to date SO that all of you out there can keep up to date with what I am up to in my world. I am also going to pick up my old habit of running again, inspired by my husband gift of a running magazine. So out with the new and in with the OLD! hehe!!

I know I owe you all a lot of photos (wedding, home, etc...) There are over a thousand wedding photos SO I'm just going to pick a few of my favorites to put up here. The reason I have been dragging my feet on this is that we didn't end up with a professional photographer as our cancelled last minute. While it saved us A LOT of money it means that I have been relying on others to get their photos to me and then me going through them all. One friend WAS emensely kind and at last minute agreed to be our official photographer. Thank Ruth!!! She did a good job for her first ever wedding. So those will be up in a separate post.

2011 in review: The year started VERY intense as on of my best friends Jude had brain surgery ( so I spent quite a bit of time in the beginning of the year helping support her and her family! The surgery went well and it is no getting close to her one year surgery anniversary. May saw me in WI to hang out with my family. It was good times as we were all together. And I got to know my newer nieces and nephews a bit better. not to mention buying my wedding dress with my Mom, Dad, sister and brother in-law! What a treat...However word to the wise for all brides to be...travelling with a wedding dress internationally is not for the faint hearted. Those things are HEAVY!!! June and July are a blur of wedding prep! August was family visiting and wedding!! Oh what fun we had!!!! And my reluctant groom (happy to be married just didn't want a wedding) had such a good time he said he'd do it again! hehe!! I told him he can organize the next one!!! No honeymoon yet...Still waiting on paperwork...Hopefully Feb...we are thinking Cape Verde. Dec was my stay in the hospital...still waiting to sort out what is wrong with me, but doing a bit better on good days. Bad days are pretty rough. First Christmas as a married woman!! hehe!!! I hosted Christmas dinner this year! Cooked an 11lb (6kg) turkey, Sue (Mother-in-law) helped loads and taught me to make English sausage rolls, and mince pies from scratch while Mark worked!!! Oh what fun we had! Poor Mark did not have a chance with all the tasty food in the the house. WE ALL over indulged but he won the prize!!! He didn't eat for the next 2 days, following Christmas lunch/dinner!!! hehe

Christmas Corner

Swag I made from things I found in the common behind our house

Plans for 2012: Hopefully get my paperwork and our passports back from the UK home office. Then travel as much as we can! Also get my health sorted out (hopefully nothing to scary). And continue getting used to being married! Should be fun!! 

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Anonymous said...

I hope this....not new years resolution sticks! I miss seeing what you are up to and catching up with your life!

Thanks for posting again.

John started a blog too...I have yet to link it to my blog but will soon :)

Love you!