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Monday, January 31, 2005

One of the first adventures

A day or two following our arrival Mr. B. was itching to take us (Cameron, Annie, and I) on a "mystery tour" Guided by himself. So we all got loaded into the two golf carts that are the main mode of transportation and headed off. Annie and I in one cart and Cameron and Mr.B in the other. They went zooming off and although we had the pedal to the medal seemed to be going slower and slower and watch as the electricity gauge got lower and lower! Finally we caught up to the boys and told them that we were going to turn around and head home before the thing completely died on us. They very gallantly offered to stay with us and make sure that we got back ok. BUT being the strong independent women we are we poo-pooed them of with assurance that we would be just fine. So off they went to finish the remainder of the mystery tour. Meanwhile back at the golf cart that about 30 seconds later had come to a complete stop Annie and I were searching for a rock larger and heavy enough to hold the gas pedal down as there were still small surges of power every once in a while that made the pushing easier! Finding that rock was a bit difficult as all the "rocks" here are very porous and so very light. Success and we were off the only two white females under 60 in treasure cay were pushing a broken down golf cart through town! We were laughing our heads off. The locals driving by were giving us the strangest looks -- which honestly neither of us really understood. But then the more we were on the island the more I understood there looks. See for them if something breaks they don't think oh I'll fix it -- cause that is WAY too much work. They just simply drop the broken object on the side of some road and wait for it to disappear. So to see two white females (who in this town are associated with being weathy, in this town) must have been quite the odd site. Thankfully the guys returned from their mystery tour to help us push (well Cameron anyways) So we made it back to the house safe and sound. It was only the beginning of the adventures.

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