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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day 1

The AirPlane Posted by Hello

So we drive out onto the airplane and this is there waiting for us! We didn't even go in the termainal!! The baggae handlers actually came out and took our luggage from the back of the car and stuffed it into the tail of the plane! All 24 bags!! Man I thought I was travelling heavy with my one extra lagre bag!! They had 18 bags between the two of them! Now granted they had alot of medical equipment and what not, but still I thought that was alot of stuff to be taking!!

There was even a little red carpet -- my first--that was laid out for us. Getting Mr.B up the stairs was a bit of a challenge more so because there were too many people anxious to help!! But we finally did get on board!

(until I figure out how to do more than one picture per blog -- you have to keep going to the next picture to get the rest of the story)

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