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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Meal time

The appetizer Posted by Hello

So this was the inside of the plane -- not to shabby. Officially it seats 10 people...However the six in the back are three on a couch, of course important to note the two couches can supposedly be converted into a queen sized bed. The seats were leather and could move forward and backward as per your desire and could actually be converted into a lazy boy, not bad. The table that is hidden under the HUGE platter of Cheese (and I'm talking the nicest Brie I have EVER eaten) and fruit was actually -- Dad you'll like this--solid birds eye maple with inlays or wood (I'm not sure which types) and in the center so you didn't have to worry about coasters leather inlays as well. Of course the tables had to match the bird's eye paneling in the rest of the plane. Supposedly the plane they had chartered actually belongs to the owener and founder of Tim Hortons SO that's my claim to fame. For lunch we had steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies and this actually tasted pretty good -- Okay I'll be honest is was the BEST airplane food I've ever had. Oh and cookies for dessert.