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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm here!

Treasure Cay Posted by Hello

So this is where I currently reside. Treasure Cay, one section or the Island of Abaco. That white strip with all the ocean in front of it is my beach that I wake up to every morning. Pretty amazing hun? The average age of the population is over 60. Excluding the help and the locals. Mainly weathy white people from around the world. It is a very unique place. But I am in love with the beach I go for a run on it every other morning. Despite the "she's crazy" looks I get from everyone :P The local "wild dogs" like me though, even though I had some reservations about them at first. We now run together and I've named them "Misters and Mrs" cause I can't tell if they are always the same dogs of not. Some look very simlar and I have one now "Mr.Baddie" who follows me up to the house and tries to get in much the horror of my boss. hehe

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