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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hawks Bill Cove

Tonight is the night! It is the last night of mine in the Bahamas. The moon is almost full and is creating a silver pathway on the water. It is beautiful. The plan is to be "on the road" tomorrow morning at 8am. So I'm going to get up early for one last swim in the Bahama's beautiful water.
Hawks Bill is on Stirrup Cay in the Barry Islands. Tomorrow night the moon's beauty will be drowned by the lights of Ft. Lauderdale. BUT Being in FL means civilization which is very exciting. Just imagine phones that work and internet! woohoo!!
Things on the boat are good. Everyone is anxious to get to civilization though. Mr. is doing very well...although travel days are hard on him as he can't do as much with the boat rocking but they are good as well as it give him a chance to catch up on his sleep which is good.
The run today was nice and uneventful. So I don't have much to report!

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