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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I forgot about Woking

I don't know how I could forget Woking -- I think it was on the first day that I was in England -- I must remember to look in my journal before trying to write more on this site about my trip...we just packed SO much in in such a short time it is kind of all blending together into one long day! hehe

So Woking is this tiny little village with its claim to fame being this really neat monument.
This picture doesn't capture the whole thing. But it is a pillar that chronicals events in history (on the banner) and what those major events in history coinceded with the local history of Woking (on the plaques) I have included my favorite plaques that I could manage to get pictures of...
How funny is that a small boy blows up the village cross (1859) - I wonder if he meant to...or if he was just being a boy and experimenting with some things he found laying about and accidently blew something up!
Progress the landowener allows small branches to be collected for firewood. Such a different world!! All Cowdry cottages are still recognizable in Woking as well as other villages by the Yellow orange window sills.
It was really neat just to see the history unfold in buildings and monuments representing such a long period of time in England. Canada's history is rich BUT so much shorter! WE just haven't been around as long! I mean buildings I walked past had dates of building in the 16oo's!

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