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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

England Take 1

Arrived in England...VERY tired. I did manage to sleep some on the plane BUT still exhausted from it all. This was the first on ground picture I took. Everything went well at the airport, No lost bags NO waiting caught the "coach" to Woking where Mark's Mom was to pick Mark and I up SO that she wouldn't have to sit in heavy traffic. She took me and Mark and a whirlwind tour of the area. Stopped to see Mark's House in Guildford, saw several little villages on the way to midhurst. There we drove through town and stop to see the ruins. It was funny as I was So tired and just out of it that the things I kept remarking at kept on making Sue (Mark's Mom) laugh. I couldn't get over the difference in the signs they had an elderly persons crossing neat is that! I have no clue what time it was when we got back to their house "Treetops" but we had breakfast and relaxed for a bit. In the afternoon, we (Mark, Sue, and I plus J.D. and Charlie -- two dogs) went up "The Downs" for a walk.
It was beautiful! It was a bit chilly, after a few of the hills I was warm. The path was made primarily of either white chalk or Black Flint! It was really pretty tough walking BUT me and my ankle did okay...It was sore that night but that's what Advil was invented for! The walk was amazing. Pheasants in the brush kept the dogs highly amused and the country side kept me amused. It seemed very familiar yet nothing like I had ever seen before. I think it was because I have read so many Classic English books set in the country and it was exactly as I imagined it! I kept on expecting Mr. Darcy to ride up. Although we did see a few riders none were in top hats. It was really quite the experience. I was totally excited as within the first 24 hours of being in England I had already crossed one of the top things I wanted to do off my list...a walk in the English country side. Although the rain held off it was appropriately misty!! The rest of the day was spent attempting to recovery for the traveling and getting to know Mr. and Mrs. A. (Marks parents - Mike and Sue. I also got to meet one of their family friends and the owner of J.D. - Jane. They all made me feel welcome, but I felt a bit like I was in a movie of something as I was surrounded by variations on the English accent. I was quick to catch most of what they were saying but the first few days I really had to pay more attention in order to catch all of what everyone was saying! It is amazing how different the English language can sound!

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