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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The trip to Bath (GoodWood)

Well the following day I packed and over night bag as Mark had arranged for he and I to stay at friends of his near Bath so that I could see that. We (he) had planned several stops along the way and so this post will be the tale that goes along with this adventure -- SO hold on to your hat as we stopped at alot of places and saw a lot in a short time! First stop was Good Wood. This place was really neat. All in one spot there was an old fashioned horse race track, car race track, and airstrip...(in WWII) spitfires used to land there! Mark had wanted to stop here in order to check out a helicopter pilots training center there. I wandered around and when I'd look at the grandstand I could close my eyes and imagine (still goes on every summer) women dressed in all their finery with "My Fair Lady" hats on their hair. Men standing around in top hats and monkey tails...I giggle with excitment just thinking about it. Then when I'd turn and look at the air strip I could see spitfires making their landings with holes from enemy fire making the limping landing look that mcuh more spectacular! It was incredible!
Mark had a good talk with the guys there and then we piled back into the car and headed to the next stop "New Milton" and other stop that Mark wanted to make as he wanted to visit his Grandma whose birthday was the following day. In order to get there SO that I could see a bit more of England and things that you are suposed to see Mark drove through New Forest.

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