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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trip to Bath (New Forest and New Milton)

New Forest.It is kind of like a national park...ONLY there are roads all the way through it as well as little villages. Also you don'thave to pay to go in. This park in particular the cows (As you can see in the above picture) and the wild ponies have the run of the park. There are no fences and you just have to drive carefully as they can be around the corner! Just hanging out in the middle of the road AND the more you try and rush them the greater the chance it that they will settle down in the middle of the road! Mark got a little lost in New forest as there were a bunch of roads that were closed and there were no "diversion" (aka detour) signs. But believe it or not without any goading on my part he pulled over and asked hikers for directions!
One of the many thatched cottages in New Forest
New Milton. The sea. The wind was whipping. The smell of the sea was thick in the air. And after a brief walk Mark and I decided that it would be much warmer to eat the lunch that his mom had provided for us in the car than on a bench over looking the sea! It was still incredible!
Now before I leave New Milton I mus point out that I did see the needles too! In the above pictures they are the little lumps that are poking out of the sea at the end of the point. You'll have to trust me that even at this distance they were much more impressive. They are white spikey cliffs that stick out of the sea. Incredible this world that God created!

From New Milton we truned slightly north (as south would have required a boat) and headed toward (drumroll please) Stonehenge. On the way (I think) we drove through Salisbury so I go to briefly see the Salisbury cathedral...Sorry it is SO crocked BUT there was no stopping at this place so the pictures we taken on the go...I'm just happy that I got the spire and not a blurry wall like some of my other pictures. hehe! High speed sight seeing!

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