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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Job number three

Yup you read that right I have accepted a third job -- Oh and did I mention I don't get the summer off from school??

So yesterday I was interviewed and was offered a job as a Unit clerk on Unit 112. Which is the acute neuro unit at foothills hospital. So I am pretty happy. Typically as a nursing student you start on the unit as a Nursing Assistant (or PCA), But I was offered the unit clerk position so I am happy as I think I will be able to learn lots in this position and have fun. Plus it pays a bit better with is also a good thing!! woohoo!!

So it was a pretty happy day yesterday! Today back to the regular stuff working lots of hours at my other two jobs. Don't worry I will officially only have three jobs until May 12th and then I will no longer be an employee at Co-op my grocery cashier days will soon be over.

To be honest I think I will miss them a bit. It has been a good and fun job and my boss was VERY understanding with my schedule! So thanks to Calgary co-op for the hours and the fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? I think you are trying to kill yourself! Take it easy, slow down and enjoy life a little big along the way!
Love ya