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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The pluck of a human

With out getting into the details I just want to state for all of you out there what the human can endure is beyond your comprehension!! Today I witness a gentleman go through something that personally I can't ever imagine going through!! Good grief I have a hard enough time at the dentist let alone a procedure room on an acute neuro unit!! BUT I am here to tell you you will surprise your self when presented by a challenge...So try not to worry about the future too much as you will surprise yourself what you can do when presented by a challenge!

On a more personal note I had a landmark event today I went for a run/walk and I would like to tell you all I am up to running 5 min walking 4 minutes for 4 sets AND this was not inside it was outside!! The best part is it felt amazing!! Now all I have to do is sign up for a Tri!

Thirdly I got word today that I am the proud receiver of an international grant that will go toward my expenses of traveling to Australia for my last clinical placement!! Woo hoo!! So it was a pretty red letter day!

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welcome to the new world of blogging!!!