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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring?? hopefully

Today was absolutely gorgeous. I spent the first half of the day doing things that need to be done but then this afternoon I went for my first ride on my road bike since my ankle surgery. MAN did it feel good. The sun was shinning there was a wicked tailwind for at 1/2 of my ride and I just had a blast!! I was pretty happy with the out come too especially considering my bike is in a terrible need for a tune up! In 1 hour and 22min (wheel time) I went 29.5km!!! I was so happy. Okay for those of you who know me know that is a bit slow for me BUT I am terribly out of shape and it was my first ride post surgery. It will only get better!!

The best part was being out there feeling the bike and I meld into one machine feel the wind whistling around me AND best of all not having 49 layers on with the sunshine beating down on my face!! I loved it!

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