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Friday, April 06, 2007

My Birthday

Another year last year in the twenties!! Thanks to everyone who sent cards, emails, gifts, and what not!! You made my birthday very special! The biggest thing I did on my birthday is I drove down to the Vulcan area and celebrated my c0-birthday with my second cousin Sarah! It was great to see that part of my family. And it was nice to live vicariously through the excitement of a ten year old turning ten -- hehe!! So thanks to Sandy and her family for welcoming me into the celebrations.


Scott and Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Rosie !! Looks like you had fun! This is your old roomie Meredith. I am glad to have found you.

Scott and Meredith said...

Ahhh I forgot to tell you I found your blog through Danita's through Sara's. You can find find my blog that way too if you want.