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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ship broken

Oh dear! So we won't be in Nassau by tonight. Infact we will be happy if we manage to limp to Geargetown, in the Exumas!
Last night we were all watching Radio in the crew mess and the ship was humming along happyily...then something started to sound a bit funny. Within 2 minutes we had ground to a halt. The guys went running to find out what was wrong. The report came back that something was wrong with the starboard engine but that we could still get underway with just on engine and only loss about 1 knot. So off we went again. And things were running smoothly until 6 am when we came to a halt again this time there was something wrong with port engine -- an engineer's and Captain's worst nightmare. We were literally a cork in a big ocean! a drift and a float for about an hour and a half! Thank goodness we were in a flat calm! Now at 9:30am on Monday we have come to a stop again...I'm not sure what is wrong this time but hopefully we will be underway again soon. Our engineer is really good - and I'm not worried about my safety BUT this is making things REALLY tense on board for everyone. I think Martin, the engineer, is ready to blow the boat up! hehe!
Anyways this put's a monkey wrench in everyone's plans. Becky's boyfriend is going to be in Nassau without her and I may not get to do my shopping - not to mention what this will do for the plans for the rest of the trip....I'll keep you all posted.
Try NOT to worry...I am safe, just not going anywhere in a hurry!

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