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Monday, March 14, 2005

Turks and Caicos

WEll I actually managed to get ashore! We were delayed down here for two days beacuase of 20 foot swells (not where we were but where we were headed) so we go to get on shore which was good.
So first impression of the island of Provinicales was ugly and dirty! WE came and went via a shipping dock. In oder to get out of the dingy and on shore we actually had to climb pilings. I was filthy! It was so funny - what a welcome to a place. Then we got a taxi and we were off to the town/area of Leward.
It was huge the biggest metroplis that I have seen since leaving TO. They actually had a divided street with two lanes on each side. An IGA, a building supplies store and get this STREET lights!! It was pretty incredible. We were laughing so hard as it show the uninhabited places that we have been on when we get excited about seeing a phone booth!! I was laughing at us!
They had this great market full of lots of neat locally made objects and I bought this great painting from the woman who had painted it. Now mind you it is not a Monet but is really quite the local flavor to it!
My favorite part was a walk on the beach that Mark and I took. It was right as the sun was setting and the waves were crashing on the shore. Vactioning families were taking the last walk of the day...quite pink from the day's sun. Two little blond gilrs were playing hide and go seek behind longe chairs from the nearby hotels. My second impression was that it is an incredible place with lots of neat places to stay and beautiful gardens! Maybe someday I'll come back and actually get to see one of the many iguana's
We are now on our way back to Nassau and will be traveling until tomorrow evening when we dock  - YEAH!!!

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