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Monday, March 14, 2005

Collection of islands

3. HighBourne Cay
Was my own personal aquirium. We did not go ashore here just were "hanging on the hook" which means we were at anchor. The boat has underwater lights that get turned on everynight and tend to attract local ocean inhabitants. I saw my very first ever wild Sea turtle. It was so amazing and it was so close that I could have reached out and touched it!! Very cool. Later we tried our hand at fishing and I actually caught a little plump baby king fish. SO pretty, but we threw him back. It was very fun!
4. Georgetown, Exumas
We made a run for it. A weather report came in saying a front was on its way so we ran for the nearest and most protected anchorage. It was Georgetown in the exumas. That night we saws the storm off in the distance. Lightening and rain and crazy wind. So we were happy to be where we were. We stayed there for 4-5 days. There wasn't much in town. A small place that thrives on the toursits who come in. WE took a taxi to the nearest resort, a four seasons. It was odd because although it was beautiful it was strangely out of place. It didn't match the island at all. Personally I didn't like it that much I would much rather go to Elbow Cay and rent an adorable cottage then go to a stuffy resort like that! Besides it was like $6770 for a suite for one night ... can't really afford that! The night before we left there was another storm that came through and this one hit us. It was one of the more beautiful things that I have seen. Winds were recorded at 63 knots! Which is a little 63 miles/hour (conversion is 1.1xxx).
5. Rum Cay
Population 85 plus one horse! It was this tiny little island. We went ashore to go for a run, Seb and I. Mark Bev and Becky went to go hang out at the beach to swim and find a bar. the run was amazing I got to see the island which was beautiful. And then upon our return to the beach I foud three beautiful conch shells. It was cool. Everyone returned to the bar later that night except Mark, Becky and I. I was working, Becky fell asleep, and Mark was on watch. The funny thing is was that there were 20 people at the bar which workes out to a quater of the population -- pretty funny!
6. MyIguna
Holy huge unknow things in the water! They didn't come out until night but they were huge it sounded like someon was out there swimming. We didn't acutally go ashore. Ilan caught a large (size of a dinner plate) blue fish I tried but had no luck. The stars were amazing I was out on the bow until 1 am mesmerized by the stars! INCREDIBLE. Only the ships light were there to take away from there brilliance.
So now you are caught up! Sorry again for the length of this. Just be glad that I only put in the highlights! hehe
 oh and I forgot one Long Island but I only saw it from a distance so I don't have much to say about that stop :P

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