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Saturday, March 12, 2005

1. Guana Cay and Nassau

A  little island not far from treasure we stopped in here to take Mr. to lunch at a place called Nippers. Mr. and Mrs. wanted everyone to come to lunch with us but Martin had things to do and Captian Bob stayed behind on watch. The rest of us went it! It was Halirous! First the island was really neat and Nippers was a cool place. The beach was stunning and I picked up several more sheels for my collection after lunch. But first back to lunch. We were all in uniform (Mr. and Mrs. excepted) and so when we arrived at Nippers we created quite a stir. Imagine sitting at a beach bar/resturant enjoying some sun and relaxation when out of the corner you see someone in a white golf shirt and Kaki shorts nothing too unsusal but a bit formal considering you are in a swim suit and straw hat. Then you look again and there is not one but 9 people all young fit and fairly attractive bustling around to older people makeing sure that they are happy, comfortable and safe and they are all dress exactly the same!! We created quite the stir. I don't think I have ever come so close to feeling like a movie star! I think everyone was trying to figure out who we worked for!
2. Nassau
Our next stop and in actuality we spent more time on Paradise island as that is where the Marina was. We docked at Hurricane Hole and Atlantis was like a two minute walk away. We were there for a few days and so I go to spend a little time ashore. It is tough though casue when ever Mr. wants to go out both Cam and I have to work even though one of us is technically off...So sometimes it doesn't work out to mean alot of time off. I explored the aquiriums at Atlantis (Huge an Beautiful fish - and when I say HUGE I'm talking like as big or bigger than a typical backyard! - the aquirum not the fish although there was this HUGE Manata Ray it is the biggest thingin water that I have ever looked like it would gladly swallow me whole and not even notice!), went for a run, hung out in the local hangouts and just basically goofed off. I didn't get much of a chance to shop and so upon our retun I hope to get into Nassau to shop a bit -- see what I can find! I guess the higlights of this stop was the dinner that Mr. and Mrs took us too. We went to Huntington Hartford's Home (aka. The Ocean Club) on Paridise island. It was like a fairly tale. Like I'd gone to sleep and worken up as a Bahamian Princess! hehe. I mean it was magical that is the best way to describe it. (I actually worte a bit on it BUT won't include it now...this blog is too long already and I've only done two stops). The second higlight was when Mark, Ilan, Bev and I were in Atlantis late one night and Bev who is also a concert pianst asked a staff memeber if she could play the piano -- WOW is she good. And it was fun cause she taught me a part of a duet and we played it and managed to gather an audience of two (outside of our own party!! hehe it was fun!

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