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Friday, March 11, 2005

This post was suposed to be first BUT...

Well I think I have this figured out. Thanks to a friend who emailed me letting me know that my posting is working so I will now get back into the habbit of writting blogs for your entertainment and information. However I will not be able to post pictures until I get internet access again.
No so this blog is NOT insanely long I'm going to give you a brief break down of the past two weeks. And leave it at that. If I were to put in all the detials this blog would be pages long SO I'll save details for lunches and dinners upon my return. hehe.
So the boat arrive in Treasure and I don't think that Cameron and I could have been more excited! I was expecting a big boat - but she is bigger than I was expecting! and Beautiful!! when you see her sitting in the brillant blue water she just WOW! I boarded her later that night and then I was home (well until May that is). My stateroom/cabin is beautiful! I feel SO lucky! The crew upon first meeting was great and they have only gotten better. I will introduce you to them now so that as I go on you will know who I am talking about!
Captian Bob - The captian of the boat - American
Jason - First Mate - Britsh
Mark - Bosun - British
Martin - Engineer - Brtish
Ilan - Deck hand/Second engineer - South African
Sebistian (Seb) - Chef - French Canadian
Bev - 1st Stewardess - South African
Jane - 2nd Stewardess - British
Becky - 3rd Strewardess - Austrialian
And then Cam and I round the crew out! So there are 11 of us in total!
We have been on the move ever since boarding with a few prolonged stops. So I'm just going to go one at a time.

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