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Friday, February 18, 2005

Island number 3

Hopetown Posted by Hello

The Island of Elbow Cay, we took a ferry from Marsh Habour over in order to see Hopetown. It is the proud home of one of the only two remaining functioning lighthouses in the Bahamas. This looks like a postcard hun? This is the skinniest island that I have ever been on. The funniest thing was that the main tourist attraction - the lighthouse is not very accessible you actually have to hitch a ride from a boater to get across and then the same in order to return to the section of the town.

Now this city streets are pedestrian only. No cars OR golf carts allowed and yet the streets are called highways! It is really too funny. Rush hour traffic and accidents only occur when people bump into each other!

We meet this great lady who we kept on running into. She was a great character and full of helpful information! She was the one who told us about the hitchhiking on the boats.

Cameron and I spent the entire day in the sun and as a result are quite a bit browner than before. I even have a tan line on my toe from my to ring! Anyways I had a great time...I hope that you all enjoy the pictures!

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