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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Just for confusion

Trying to get a tan Posted by Hello

So we are going to travel back in time a little bit so I can tell you about my second trip into Marsh Habour. (The first trip was fairly uneventful) The second trip we (Cameron, Annie and I) were dropped off in Marsh Habour and left to our own devises. We walked through town trying to stay warm and looking for adventure. During out first trip we looked eagerly out the windows and thought that there was great potential for adventure, but one week later left we three hours to explore we were doubtful that we would find any. Then I spotted a sign saying Straw market. So we headed down this road...I guess that is what you would call it. It was litter with garbage and rusted out cars! Side note I find it funny that on the pop cans here they have posted "Keep the Bahamas clean, don't litter" when after my short time here I think that instead of putting that message on cans it should be put on cars, fridge's, freezers, TV's and any other major appliance that you can thing of. We found the straw market which turned out to be the front porch of this woman's house. She was great and really knew her trade. The stuff was really neat.
It was very third world. Straw hats and purses made expressly for tourists were her main item. She was the true treasure of the place...more character than most people will dream of.

WE found a little beach hang out for food (where the above picture was taken) it was funny as this American couple who had probably just landed reminded us of ourselves on our first day--bound a determined to enjoy the warm weather. She arrived at the joint an promtly changed into her bikini. I think maybe 15 minutes later she had put her sweater and jean back on! hehe. We were chuckling. While it is Much warmer here than it is at home right now. It has been to chilly for much tanning. The disadvantage of being on an island...very windy (mainly from the north. We were soon laughing at ourselves cause we were just as desperate as the American. Every time the sun came out from under the clouds I rolled up my pants, took of my jacket and rolled up my sleeves in an attempt to tan.

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