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Friday, February 04, 2005

Kayaking Adventure

So the kind and wonderful neighbours offered to lend us their sea kayak! So Annie and I eager for adventure got up one morning and drug the kayak down to shore hoped in an off into the sea we headed. Both of us have had some experience in a sea kayak so thankfully there were no technical issues. We headed straight for the biggest surf we could find in the hopes of trying to surf some waves with the kayak. That boat is the most cumbersome thing to get going!!! It is crazy. Of cause it didn't help that the tide was coming in to it was like one paddle forward three waves backwards. And we were also trying to hit the big waves which slowed us down as well. Annie was in the stern (back of the boat) and so was controlling the direction. Finally we reached the big surf (4-6 foot waves) and the attempts at surfing began. At one point Annie was trying to turn us around and didn't quite get turned fast enough and this 6 foot wave broke unexpectedly and I took the brunt of it. How I managed to stay on the boat is still beyond my comprehension! I was sure I was going over board! I wasn't concerned as I had a life jacket on -- but it was a bit chilly and I didn't want to swim. To even though, according to Annie my feet were over my head I did not go over board which was nice! We laughed and laughed. We wanted to stay out a bit longer but had to get back in so Annie could make breakfast! I can hardly wait to take it out again!

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