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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentines!

Beginner Golfer Posted by Hello

First I want to say (before I get any critiques on my form) I'm a beginner -- hehe. What a great day. It started out with a few hole of golf. The people I work for are in with the manager of the golf course and so we just go in the back entrance and play a few holes before we return to the house to get the day started. The course is pretty nice, (my second course I have ever been on) and Cameron and I have fun. My game is pretty much it's usual form, on some holes I shoot beautiful par or one-two over and then there are other holes where I just stop counting strokes!! But I'm going to try and go out every morning so the practice should help!

When we got back the table had valentines goodies for everyone! It was so sweet of Mrs. B. to do that for us. Chocolates, a little bear and a card for Cameron and I. It was a nice and unexpected treat. Then as I had the morning off I went for a kayak, two hours later I returned! My longest Kayak yet. I went out to this small island and then back but on the way back I had to fight the waves and more so the wind! It was pushing me in the wrong right arm is going to be sore tomorrow!! hehe

Then for supper we meet up with several of the B's friends and went to one of the three local restaurants for dinner. They had the place all decked out. It was neat -- all of the servers had red shirts on, typically they wear white. The place was packed and it was fairly neat as for the first time since coming to this island I actually felt at home. There were more locals in the joint then there were retired weathy individuals. Lots of families with the kids, which for the record are the cutest kids...with their braids and bows! It was really neat. And loud!! Everyone knew everyone and people were going from table to table to say hello and steal kisses! It was so neat!

I missed my family and friends but I still had fun! Anyways this is way too long so I'll call it quits for now --


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