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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Kayak

Sea Kayak Adventure #2 Posted by Hello

So this is her...the s.s. very heavy and slow and tips a lot. Annie and I went out again today. What I riot. We had several successful "surf's" and well...I lost count of how many unsuccessful "surf's." We both took turns at the stern again. I'm getting better at this surfing thing. But it is tough in our waves as there are some wonky currents! Even though it looks like they are breaking even the wave can turn faster than we can turn the s.s. very heavy and slow and tips a lot so twice with me and I think three times with Annie we capsized. I think the funniest one was the last one. I was in the stern and we were like 5 feet from the shore. All of a sudden this wave reared up and broke right behind us. The wave grabbed our rear-end and despite all the leaning and paddling we tried the ocean flipped us one last time for the day. Of course because it had been REALLY rough the day before when we surface and stood (as the water minus the surprise 4 foot wave was only knee deep) we were covered in sand and kelp. WE were laughing our heads off. It got even funnier when I showered later and saw the huge pile of sand and kelp that have been shoved inside my swim suit by the waves! What a riot!

I would have killed to have a picture of that last dump...It would have been priceless. The people we work for, ended up taking us out for dinner which was really nice --made life a whole lot easier for Annie. Over all good day today!

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