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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cold Snap

Cold Beach Posted by Hello

So despite the fact that I'm not supposed to complain about the weather. In celebration of the fact that today was actually a nice hot Bahimian day (which turned me to a nice shade of brown) I thought that I would post a picture of our previous beach wear. This picture was actually taken when we went to Green Turtle Cay. It was cold but we were doing our best to enjoy the warm temperatures on your behalf.

Today was fun. I got up with the intention of going on an adventure and so walked into town (25min) in the hopes of catching a ferry to Great Guana Cay...but I didn't realize that you needed to reserve the ferry so there so no ferry for me :( So I rented a biked and pedaled around town and Treasure Cay for 2 hours! It was GREAT fun! Then came back to the house and took the Kayak out. No surfing though Annie is gone and so I was trying to get the feel of the kayak with only one person!

Then later in the afternoon we took Mr. B golfing. Mr. and Mrs. are in with the owners of the golf course here and so "after hours" 4pm we can head over there and he can play...This entails the use of two carts and three able bodied people (could probably do it with only 2 BUT... Four drives (of four balls each later) we were about 50 feet from the green he was done! He is actually quite good. Hits the ball very consistently 75 to 100 yards! Using one arm only and no body action. But her gets tired out from getting in and out of the golf cart...Probably the hardest thing that he has to do. But it was still stunning to see how well he was able to hit that ball. I had to stand directly behind him and be a guardian for him--however I nearly got my head knocked a few times! It was worth it though to see the smile on his face!

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